Sunday, January 13, 2019


Hola guys!

It me!

So this week, as you can see from the title, I'm back on another tips/how-to blog post, but of course they are not 100% my personal tips. They are combination of my own, a few research that I did and from my best friend, Aqwa...or should I say Dr. Aqwa (he's a legit doctor) 😆

Anxiety is something that almost everybody knows. Some people know from watching movies, from reading a book/article, maybe from family/friends and some people know about it because they have/had it.

This week I'm gonna share with you guys some tips on handling or overcome anxiety.


I know it's kinda depressing that my third post in 2019 is something serious, instead of something fun, but sometimes in life we have to be serious and do some serious talk....LOL


I know I'm not a doctor or psychologist and maybe I'm not actually qualified to do this but as I mentioned, I have done some research and I have a reference. I'm not saying that you must follow these tips but I believe it does help.

The reason why I decided to post this is because I realized that nowadays, our generation especially, are dealing with anxiety almost everyday. And one of the person is....yours truly.

But don't worry, ya boy is fine.

It's just a minor anxiety. Nothing serious, I don't need to go see a doctor or something.


Okay. 👌

Now back to the topic.

I'm not exactly sure the cause of why our generation is dealing with anxiety and each person could have their own personal cause but I feel like the major reason is because of life demand (I don't if it's the correct term). Everyday we see a lot of people doing great things, achieving their goals and living the dream. So we feel like we should be doing the same thing but the truth is, not everyone have the same talent or opportunity or sources. Hence, we stressed ourself, instead of trying to find the correct path or finding our own talent and sources.

Anyway, I don't wanna preach or lecture. All I wanna do here is to share some tips.

So without wasting your time, here's the list of tips to handle anxiety:

(Please take note that all these tips are general, not specified for a certain condition.)

  1. Free your mind.
    You can do activities like meditation, listen to music or go get yourself a massage or even learn some relaxation techniques. These things can help you forget your problem, maybe not permenantly but at least for some times.
  2. Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake.
    Both can worsen your anxiety and trigger panic attacks. So, it's a no-no for both of these.
  3. Eat well-balanced meals.
    Make sure to not skip any meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep in hand some healthful, energy-boosting snacks. I repeat, HEALTHFUL, not fattening snacks...LOL.
  4. Exercise daily.
    Mentioning healthful, doing some exercise daily can help make you feel good and also help maintaining your health. To find out what types of exercise, you can Google it because I aint got time to list it....haha
  5. Count to 10 slowly.
    I repeat, SLOWLY, because it's not gonna work if you count too fast. And also, repeat it or count to 20 if necessary. This will help calm you down when you start feeling anxious.
  6. Welcome humor.
    Laughing can also help keeps your mind off your problem or anxiety. Honestly, it does help.
  7. Be positive.
    Change your negative thoughts to positivity.
  8. Do your best.
    Sometimes, there are things that is beyond our reach or impossible to achieve. It's okay, be proud of however close you get. As long as you have done your best, it's good enough.
  9. You can't control everything.
    Before you get stressed out, think for a second, is it really as bad as you think?
  10. Be a part of something.
    Involve in volunteering or something that will get your mind off the things that stresses you out everyday. It can also creates a support network.
  11. Identify the cause.
    Try to find out what triggers your anxiety, is it work, family, school or something else? Whenever you get anxious, write it your diary or journal and see the pattern. Once you have identified, then you can find a way to handle it.
  12. Talk to someone.
    Let your family or friends know that you're feeling overwhelmed, and maybe they can help you or you can let them know how they can help. Physician or therapist is also a way for you to get a professional help. Which brings us to the next 2 points.
  13. Medication.
    It is called anxiolytics. This is what normally doctors will give if you have anxiety disorder. I'm not gonna elaborate on this part because honestly for me, medication should be the last resort. But it's just my opinion.
  14. Cognitive behavioral theraphy.
    This is a type of theraphy in which doctors or medical specialist correcting a specific idea that is wrong in the patient's mind. They are doing this by rationalizing what is right into his/her mind. It's kinda like no.8 but this is with professional help.

So that's all the tips that I have for you all this week. I hope it'll help you or the person you know.

Let me know if there's other tip that I left out or share with me your own ways to handle anxiety.

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Love Always,

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Sunday, January 6, 2019


Hye guys

It's me again.

Hope you're not bored of me 😆

So, this week I'll be doing yet another food review, because I'm out of idea...LOL

I was immediately said yes to Syaffiq earlier when he asked me to grab some lunch...haha..that's how desperate I am to get a content. 😂

Anyway, so today I'll be reviewing about this new (not really, it's already opened for like 3 months) restaurant called Stuff'd. It is located in Sunway Pyramid, on the lower ground 2.

It is basically a small restaurant that sell mexican/turkish meal.

The restaurant itself, is quite nice. It is small but luckily the seats are enough.

Regarding the food, they have kebabs, burritos, tacos and enchiladas.

Long story short, me being a typical person, bought beef burritos. The vegetable, you can choose lettuce and/or tomatoes. I chose lettuce...just lettuce because I hate tomatoes and there's also sour cream (I don't really know why they put it under vegetables). For the sauce, you can choose up to 2 from 5 choices. I chose smoky bbq and mayonaise, I wanted to choose habanero, but unfortunately they are out of stock 😕....

Before I continue with this, I should tell you that I have never had burrito before, so my choices might be not the exact suitable choice for burrito, but whatever, it's my choice...😝

Moving on....

And now, the toppings. There 5 types of topping and you can choose all of it or less. So, since I'm worried it will be too many and since I'm not familiar with most of it, I decided to choose cilantra rice and mashed potato. And holy crap, the portion was super big. As my friend, Aqwa, said, it is as big as my stomach 😂.

Finally, you can choose either you want drinks or not. Of course I chose yes.

Now let's talk about the taste. The first bite you take, you will taste the tortilla and then the cilantra rice with the mashed potato. cilantra rice is delicious and also the mashed potato, it was not too salty but not tasteless, it's just nice. The beef was tender and well cooked. My sauce choices was not bad actually, though yeah, if there's some spicyness (not sure if it's the correct word or spelling), it will be much better, but overall, it was good 👌.

Aqwa said I couldn't finish it, but I showed him, I finished that f***ing burrito, though I almost fainted (just kidding) because I was so fulled.

So yeah, if you are around Sunway Pyramid and wanna try something different, I would definitely suggest this place.

That's all I got for you guys this week. I hope my review is doing justice enough because honestly, I'm writing this in less than 24 hours, so you know what I mean. And I probably post this pretty late, but whatever.

I hope you guys enjoy this week's post. Please suggest if there's a place where I should try and review their food.

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Love Always,


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Saturday, December 29, 2018


Hey guys!

I'm back again with another tips post 😆😆

So, since the new year is around the corner, like literally.....well, not literally because it's not like you actually walking around the corner and can actually see the New Year and say, "Hi New Year"..haha 😂😂

Anyway, to keep the new year spirit, I want to share with you guys some tips on how to organize a great new year's eve party.


Without dragging your time reading ridiculous shit, here's the list of how to organise a new year's eve party. But my tips is not specified to a certain type of new year's eve party (you'll get it after you read them 😆)

1. Location
One of the most important thing is ti decide where you want to have your party. I would suggest your own house, but if you worried something horrible might happen or if you are planning to invite a lot of people, then I suggest book a hall or something. If you want to do it at your own place, then you better make sure to save all your fragile possession in a safe place or any place other than that the living. Especially your mom's vase. Other than that, make sure to have a clear space for dancing because what's party without dancing and without enough space, how the hell are the people gonna dance?

2. Guests
If you plan to have a small party, then you should list out who you want to invite and if the person is from abroad, you might have to arrange for their accommodation. Once you have decided who will be your guests, you should send an invitation via whatever you can afford, even writing on the sky. However, if you are planning for a simple and not an organised party, then you should just go ahead and send your invitation via group chat or social network, whatever floats your boat, because to be honest, word will be spread no matter how many people you told.

3. Time
You have to know when exactly you want you party to start or you can just give some time range when can your guest come. For me, I would provide a specific time (even though it is highly unlikely that they will follow) because I want to be ready. Some people would suggest that you should plan at what time the party should end, is it after the ball drop or the countdown or that new year's kiss, but I feel like, why not just let it be. The party ends once old the guests are leaving.

4. Food and drinks.
For this one, I suggest you check your wallet or your money in your bank if you are paying using debit card, because if you are in a tight budget, maybe you can just get some simple snacks and soft drinks or you could ask your friends to bring food, it will be like a potluck, kinda. If you are not in a tight budget, you can just go crazy with some chorniccon or something.

5. Plan out your activities.
Try to make your activies simple but fun. Don't do some poet reading or crosswords or any other boring stuff. The most important thing is, music. You must play some music, but make sure it's the music that people can dance to and upbeat. And the music has to be loud enough so your guest can hear them. Since it's new year's eve, then your activities must include countdown and ball drop.

7. Decoration.
Again, this is totally up to your budget and of course, what kind of party you are planning. Is it small party or big party. If you have a lot of money and your party is in a hall, I suggest hire a party planner. But if you don't and have a tight budget, then some silly string, paper hats and penny whistles would be good enough because hey, it's a new year's eve party not a New York Fashion Week.

8. Countdown.
The big part of your party. The countdown to the new year. Make sure you subscribe to a live channel or since it's 2018, some live social network (I don't know how that works though). But the most, most important thing, make sure you paid your electric bill!

9. Wrap things up.
We reach the end of the event. It probably be about 1 am or maybe 2 or it could be 3, depending on how crazy your guests are. So, first thing, make sure they all have safe way home. Make sure those who is too drunk are not driving. And, I actually hate this one, if your party is at your house, don't forget the cleaning part. Make sure everything is back to its place. And if you need a hand, just ask your friends to help, though I doubt they will....haha.

So, that's all I have for you guys this week. I don't know if this helps you figure out how to plan for your party but I hope it does.

Let me know if I'm missing some other important tips regarding this, which I'm sure I have. 😂

Hope you guys have a great new year and a great party, if you will have one and don't forget to invite me 😆.

🎉🎉 Happy New Year and Happy Holidays 🎉🎉

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Love Always,

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Saturday, December 22, 2018


Hi guys!!

I mean, what's up?? LOL

How are you all this week? Good? Good.

So, as you all know, my family and I are living in a new house for a month now, more or less. So far everything is great. Honest.

But this week I wanna write about...or more like answer the question that you guys and some of my friends had asked me regarding us moving.

The question was, how do I feel about all this?

Honestly, I didn't really think about it before and shortly after we moved. Maybe because at first we weren't 100% confirmed about moving and by the time we did, we didn't have much time and of course we were busy with our daily stuff and arranging all the things like when are we going to arrange for the movers to take our belongings and how do we clean the old house and shit, so I personally didn't get the chance to feel anything. Just tired, probably.

And after we were done moving, I didn't actually go through my mind about this until I saw someone comment on my post asking ''How do I feel?'' and some of my friends asked me that too.

So I try acknowledge my feelings and I come to conclusion that I actually feels a few feelings.

1. Happy
Because it's a fresh start for me and my family, though we aren't moving so far away from our previous house, but still, it's a new neighbourhood.

2. Sad...kinda
Because I had to say goodbye to a house that has kept about 13 years of memories, good and bad. A house that have seen me change from a teenager to an adult. So you get the picture.

3. Nervous/excited.
Because as I mentioned before, it's a fresh start. So I'm both nervous and excited to see how it all gonna turn out.

So yeah, that's pretty much what I feel about us moving to a new house. Probably not as emotional as you all thought it would be but I'm not really good at making long ass heart to heart speech...I'm a robot... 😂😂..

And as promised, below I attached the photos of our new house. FYI, it's not the latest photo but it's still a photo of each room of our new house. So, enjoy. 😆

This is our living room/dining

The master bedroom with its own bathroom

Second bedroom

Third bedroom aka my bedroom. This is where the magic happen. By magic I mean, nothing.

Our bathroom, but the one in the master bedroom is bigger than this.

The wet and dry kitchen. It's small, I know..haha.

That's all I got for this week. I hope you like it.

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Love Always,


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