Monday, July 2, 2012

MY DIARY (108)

Happy July everyone!!Miss me??..of course you do... *showing my teeth*..Sorry I didn't update my blog for like 3 days..I was so busy.First,I have to write all our customers' purchase of contact lens(which is a lot)and then I have to write the code for each of the spectacles that we have(which is also a lot).So,that's why I didn't write anything on my blog but now I'm free.There are a few things that happened these few days.I had a small argument with baldy(again),Christopher Paolini(which is not really him,maybe his assistant or something)replied my comment and now I'm still waiting for his next reply,I just receive my salary and the major thing that happened was that he(you know who)came and took his spectacles on Friday,before I went for my break :O,I was so nervous,I almost collapse...but I tried to act cool,like nothing is going to know what,he actually change one side of his lens,so the scratches was there way before I clean it.I was so surprised and relief to found out that it's not my wonder baldy was so calm when he looked at the spectacles.He should have told me about it,what an ass...My a month and a half of cautioness are gone :) *2 thumbs up* ..I told my sister about it when I went for my break that day..BTW,baldy gave a raise for my salary :) *showing my teeth* ..Hopefully nothing bad will happen,like arguing with baldy because I want to be happy on my day off tomorrow...