Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I'm back in college..I arrived at my new house yesterday night and again,I felt very sad....I slept late last night because I can't sleep,so I just read the novel that I bought last year....You know what,I think I left something at my heart...and it's not a good thing...It's 10 pm right now and I'm lying on my bed in my bedroom at my new house..I don't really feel too sad anymore,maybe because I managed to go through classes today without any trouble,hopefully tomorrow too...or maybe because I was chatting with Y again tonight and that she said I'm a shy guy.. :)....Though it's maybe ridiculous but I have to say that I'm kinda miss my old hostel...I miss the time that I spent there and the memories that was built there...but maybe there's a reason why I wasn't meant to stay there anymore... :)

I was suppose to go home today but unfortunately,,y lecturer decided to have a class tomorrow morning,so I have to stay for one more night.. "awesome"..but somehow,I don't feel too sad..maybe because this afternoon at college,I bought Y a giant fried sosage because I promised to buy her that because she helped me checked for my result and about my pre-subject registration...I was kinda shy because I gave it in front of my housemates and a few of my classmates...but they said I was a gentleman for doing that...I talked to Y just now and she said she feels embarrassed but like a shy kinda embarrass,not like a horrible embarrass..but she thanked me anyway..but she also said that she was worried what my girl friends might say since they were there too but I don't think they notice..but I convinced her that they won't say anything...You see,the only reason why she was worried was because it happened once last semester,I don't know if I told you about it,but it was a misunderstand,my girl friends didn't say anything bad about her or angry at her,they just stared at her because they know I like Y...I really hope Y would stop thinking that my girl friends might talk something bad about her because they are not like that and maybe they all could be friends...but I still don't know how to convince her that...BTW,I can't wait to go home tomorrow!