Friday, June 15, 2012


Let me tell you something,don't get outrage when people make a small mistakes because one day,we might do the same mistakes...I mean,we can be mad but don't over react...Are you kidding me??!!!!Baldy wanted to buy me food because of my birthday....what the hell is that??!!I refused a few times but he insisted,I can't strictly say no because he might think I hate him so much.I refuse because I don't want to feel guilty because of what I said about him behind his back,even though he deserve it but I'm still feeling bad....and the same as on last Chinese Newy Year,he asked me what I want to eat,I said I eat everything and I think he's going to buy KFC but I don't know exactly what...This is so "amazing"...I'm kinda worry that bad things might happen,you know but I really hope that nothing bad will happen...I was right,he bought me KFC..