Monday, May 28, 2012


I'm a bit worry right now,first it's because the spectacles is still here.. :O..,second,I feel kinda happy today(I don't know why).Remember that I said I don't want to be myself and be happy because something bad might happen,so that's why I'm worry at this moment.I'm afraid he'll come and collect his spectacles today(lets hope not)then,I'm doomed...but I'm not showing my happiness,instead I"m making a serious face... :).Yesterday,when I just arrived home,G called me,I didn't know it was her at first because she's not using her own number.So I answered the phone and suddenly she asked where I am,so I said I just arrived home and she said she needs a favor,she wants me to buy her a credit top up,so I said I couldn't help her because I just arrived and I rode a car home,so I can't ask my sister to go out again just to buy the credit and I told er I could give her some credit from my phone but she refused because she needs a RM5 credit.Finally I said if that so,I couldn't help her,then she hung up.After that,I text her and asked why she needs that much of credit,who is she wants to know what she said???she said it was for her's crazy,right???So I said to her,why didn't she ask her brother,she replied he's useless and his bike is broken and she said "Can you help me or not?because I don't want to talk about it anymore",I said I can't and I'm sorry,I asked her to tell her mother that I was sorry,then she replied "Ok"'s ridiculous,right??I mean,if you're her mother,would you ask your daughter's friend,that you never even meet,to buy you a phone credit??It's nonsense...I think it's time for me to stay away from her because I feel like she's just using me,like I'm her tool(I told you guys before)and her rebound guy because a couple of days ago,she text me and said that she miss her ex,or something,so I gave her advises and suddenly she called me honey,sweet heart but I didn't say any of that to her back,I just told her that it's funny and not very comfortable for me as a friend(but I said it in a nice way)and I'm not gonna change that because I care about her but I don't love her and I don't think her boyfriend and I'm sure she feels the same...but now,I don't know if I could be her friend anymore because I think she feels like I'm her tool and her rebound guy.Ok,I maybe I said I'll try to help her somehow but I said I'll try,I didn't say I will..So,I have to end this...I text with A just now and I told her about my problem.We both have the same idea,which is I should call her and solve this thing.I think I'll call her tonight..I hope everything will be ok..I always told myself that I don't want any drama after high school because I'm tired of that but there it is right now.. "Great"

I didn't call G yesterday because I didn't get any privacy,my sister came in to my room and there was a lot of thing that I have to,I didn't call her...but hopefully I could do it tonight..wish me luck!..Today,I had an argument with my sister again(the same person as in 'My Diary 28').This time we argued about American Idol 11,she said Phillip Phillip doesn't deserve to win but I said he does.She said he won because of people sympathy about his operation.She is so whatever,she is so lame...LOL..I think she's really pist-off with me...hahahah...My sister talked to me when I had my break and I talked to her back...Tonight,I'm definitely going to call her...

I called G yesterday,it was a bit strange because I was nervous( I guess)but I got to tell her what I wanted to say.Her explanation was shocking,I was surprise myself...she said I'm her love one :O and she's sorry for what she did,she didn't realize it before..She said she does like me before but she had a few guy friends,so she decided to forget how she feels and she was afraid to be honest to me about her feelings...I was speechless,I didn't know what to say but then I told her that we should meet and after that,we'll see what happen..and she agreed but we haven't decide when...The problem is,I'm not really excited but I feel rather strange...A said maybe because it's my first date,so that's why I feel that way...I don't really know...A helped me a lot about thank you so much A!...I'm not in a very good mood because in 2 weeks,S will be going back to Penang and in 3 weeks A would be going to Pahang and I don't know when will we meet again... :(...You know what,I've decided that I'm not gonna think about the meet with G and about my best friends going away..I'm just gonna have fun and be happy like before... :)...Hopefully nothing bad will happen..I think I know why I don't feel excited about going out with G,maybe it's because of the way she acted,you know,about all the problems that I have with her before...maybe that's the reason I don't feel happy...I'm not gonna let that ruin my off day tomorrow.I'm just gonna be happy and forget about it.I hope I could online tonight... :)