Saturday, December 3, 2016


Hey guys! It’s me! So this week I wanna write about social media and private account. First of all I wanna say this to people who private their social media accounts, WHAT THE HELL????

I’m saying this not because I’m pissed off but because it annoys me. I know that I rarely follow or add people on social media and I shouldn’t really care if people private their accounts, but what crosses my mind whenever I saw someone have their account private is that, Why? Why create a social media account but then you keep it private? I understand if it was like ages ago because you can say that you wanna “connect” with your friends only but now we have Whatsapp, WeChat, Line and other things. So you can connect with your friends there, privately, why do you need to create Facebook or Twitter or Instagram anymore?

I get it if you’re a girl, because you worried that people will take your pictures and do some voodoo shit (which is kinda ridiculous) and what not but the guys? I mean, come on, who do you think you are? Freaking Justin Bieber or something? You worried millions of people would follow you and spam you and shit? Bitch, in your dreams.

I know some of you guys who private your account might have your own reason but honestly, I can’t think of any reasonable reason for your action. Okay, maybe you would say it’s because you’re posting a naked pictures of yourself there and don’t want public to see them, but then why in the hell you post it in social media in the first place? Why not just share it to the people you wanted to share through Whatsapp and stuff?

I wish you could see my face while I’m writing this.

Like what A told me, social media is for you to connect with people and maybe find the person who have the same opinion or ideas as you do.

Throwback to my last week’s post. Ching!

But yeah, if you wanna keep it private, then don’t do it on social media. I’m sure I am not the only one who annoyed by it.

But on the other hand, do whatever you want; it’s your life, your choice. I don’t really give a shit J . Just that I might not follow you, unless you followed me first and then I feel kinda bad if I don’t return the favour, then I might request to follow you (annoying!!!!). Though I’m not so sure if I followed my friends back,

*Looking up, trying to remember*

I’m such a horrible person, I’m sorry!

Anyhow, that’s all for this week....I feel so relieved that I’ve let it out.

*Exhale loudly*

So this week I wanna know what do you feel about private accounts on social media? Do you agree with them? Or are you one of them? Maybe you wanna share your reason for making your social media private. Or any thoughts regarding this in general.

Leave your opinion on the comments below. Share this post if you have friends or acquaintances that private their accounts or maybe they have talked to you about this. And follow BATC for more posts.

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