Sunday, June 24, 2012

MY DIARY (105)

Another argument just happened between me and baldy.This time it's about missed communication of the price for contact lens' solution.The actually price was RM38 but he thought it was the other one,which is RM36.The thing is,she took the solution from the shelf which is not so far from him(baldy)but he couldn't even see the different and then he blame me because he said when he said "RM36?",I said "Yes,",when in fact I didn't even heard what he was saying because his volume was so low and what I said was the label of the solution but he convince that I said yes...WHT??!!...but you know what,I will give him the other RM2 because yeah maybe it was my fault too but it is also because so that baldy could not be mad at me anymore(not because I'm scared) and I can still make a serious face at him...You know what,I was happy yesterday..see,I told you,I can't be happy at work.. :( ..Oh crap!!The price isn't RM38,baldy said RM40++ but I remember now,it was actually RM46...I tried to give the RM2 but,long story short,I'm not very happy about it,I thought I could fix it but I couldn't... :(