Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's raining right now,quite heavily but no thunder,no's not even dark...Now it's sunny...I like it :) Hmm...baldy is starting to get grumpy again...I don't know what his problem is...but I'm gonna do the same...Thank God tomorrow is my off day.Gonna go for a jogging tomorrow.. :) ..I have finished reading 'Brisingr'... :( .The story is amazing..can't wait to read the next book!!..Meantime,I will read 'Eragon' again.. :)


Saturday, March 24, 2012


I exercised yesterday,I jogged for about 1.2km and I walked for 2km...I know it's not so much but it's ok for the 1st time after a long period of non-exercise...I have to tell you something,don't tell anyone about it but my legs and back are killing me...LOL..this is what happen when you didn't exercise for a long time and didn't do any stretching before start jogging...LOL..I had a fun time yesterday,exercising,had a big breakfast and online for a few hours... :)..BTW,Man. United won 5-0 against Wolves last Sunday..Yea!!..I stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 546...Tomorrow I have to start work an hour early because baldy have to go to a University for a lecturing and stuff,just like last week..

I'm at work alone...Baldy is back..Today I'll be off work an hour early,thank God..Stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 562...

I'm not in a very good mood today because I'm kinda pist off with my sister.You see,this morning,I was online in my room.While i was online,my sister came in and sat behind me.Maybe for some people it's normal but for me it's kinda disturbing sometimes,like today I feel it's disturbing..I mean,I don't mind sometimes but I need my personal space too.I bet she feels the same sometimes,i'm sure everyone feels it too...So,I decided to give the laptop to her and shockingly she said "Ok," and she continue "amazing" is that??So,that's why I'm a bit moody today...It's ridiculous how people can't respect other people's privacy.It's not like i'm watching porn,I was chatting with my friends,so I need some privacy..even though they didn't read anything (I think)but still,it's uncomfortable,right?.....Sad news,I might not have a chance to watch 'The Lorax' at the cinema because I don't have time and I think today is the last day of showing.. :( I guess I just buy the DVD or something.....At first,I thought I would just forget what happened this morning,..but I couldn't because I want her to know that I'm not happy of what she did and maybe my anger to her haven't subside yet..I stopped at page 619...

I've been thinking about if I get accepted to  a university or college that's far from where I am now??It feels kinda sad because I have to abandon my life here and have to start a new life at maybe somewhere I never been before.. :( Well,everything in life has pros and cons,right??I rally hope I get to study at somewhere close..even though I know that one day I will have to live somewhere else but not now,I'm still not ready..LOL..but whatever happens,I'll take it as fate...So now,I'm just gonna enjoy my time here and be happy... :)..When I went for my break,I managed to forget what my sister did to me..I spoke a few words to her even though I hope she would realize  her mistake..but you know,I'm glad I did'll make me look nice..LOL.. just kidding,I did it because I know Troy would do the same... :) I stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 660.. :)

There isn't so many pages left in 'Brisingr' for me to read,I might finish it today or tomorrow.At first,I thought I should not finish it before the end of the month but then I decide to not limiting my reading and if I finish it early,before I get my salary,I will just read 'Eragon' again until I buy the  4th book,which is 'Inheritance',the last book in the 'Inheritance Cycle'..The story is getting interesting now.. :) I stopped at page 704,about 50 more pages to go.I think I would finish it tomorrow...can't wait to start the new book but at the same time I feel kinda sad because after I finish reading the 4th book,I have to read something else...:( but not to worry because I haven't even bought the last book,so I don't have to feel sad now... :)


Monday, March 19, 2012


OMG!!Today I'm wearing the same outfit with baldy!!..we both are wearing white shirt,black pants and black leather shoes..this is so embarrassing..LOL..I feel like I wanna change my cloth this instance but if I change,baldy might think I hate him so much as I don't want to wear the same outfit  as him...I stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 500.. :)


Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yea!!Tonight 'The Lord of The Ring:The Return of The King' will be on tv...but hopefully I won't get sleepy like last week..LOL...I've been planning to gain y weight but I haven't start it.Maybe I'll start tomorrow..wish me luck,you all!!..Oh,I forgot to tell you guys that I used my own pic on Facebook but the funny thing is,the picture is from my behind..LOL..but I think I'll change to my other picture today or later..I stopped at page 434...

I watched 'Lord of The Ring' until the end yesterday,even though I was struggling to not fall asleep..LOL..About my plan on gain my weight,actually i'm planning to exercise and eat a lot more.I haven't start exercising but I've started to eat more.I think I will start exercise on Monday because it's my day off...I have this questions that's been in my head.If we like someone,do we want them to reply our texts or messages??If they don't reply,should we send as many as we could until they reply??Or just keep on liking them and don't even care whether they reply or not??The thing is,what if they reply but later your feelings for them  become lesser??What if that happen??Wouldn't we be regretting it later??..See,this is the questions that's been in my head and I don't have the answer to it...ARGHH!!..I stopped at page 471...


Thursday, March 15, 2012


Back to work...My dad,my 2 sisters and my brother has arrived home yesterday afternoon.The house is getting noisy again..LOL..BTW,Manchester United is at no.1 in EPL!Yea!..Baldy told me that I would have to start working an hour early tomorrow.He didn't tell me why(as usual) but he said if he arrive late,I have to open the shop..."amazing"...Wish me luck,you guys... :)...I've done reading 'Brisingr' until page 336...

I'm alone at work right now...Listening to the radio from my phone.I always wonder why kids like to stare at me??It happened this morning.This girl,about 9 years old or something,she stared right in front of me.I don't know what to do,so I just awkwardly's weird,right???It happened a lot of times,they didn't stare because they're scared of me but they stared emotionless.I don't know what they were feeling or thinking but they just kept's scary sometimes..LOL..Baldy is back...Right now,I'm waiting for my brother to pick me up for my break..I'll of work an hour early today...I stopped at page 372...the story is getting interesting.. :) Ok,I'm gonna go home now... :)

Nothing to write today,just wanna tell you guys that I've stopped reading ' Brisingr' at page 398...


Sunday, March 11, 2012


Wow!!There's a lot of customers this morning.I started working an hour early today.I feel so exhausted.I drank a lot of water.Thank God now I'm free,no more customers.Even though it's exhausting,it's kinda awesome too..but for sometimes... :) BTW,I fun yesterday.Had dinner with my sisters...Ok,I'm gonna continue reading 'Brisingr'...It was raining outside heavily just now but for a while.Now,it's stopped..I stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 286... :) Good news,I'm off tomorrow!Yea!!



Luckily my sister didn't bring the laptop to Perlis...that's why I could online and update my blog yesterday... :) ...I have a surprise,I bring 'Brisingr' to work today but I haven't read it.I'm kinda scared because I don't know if this is a good idea or not...but if I get totally boring,I'll read it...After my break,I got so bored,so...I read 'Brisingr'.I'm kinda worried(you know why)but actually,I feel kinda happy too...:) BTW,tonight,'Lord of The Ring:The Two Towers' will be play on tv!can't wait to watch it...:P I stopped at page 224... :)

Funny story yesterday...I did watched 'Lord of The Ring' but just half of it..LOL..I got so sleepy yesterday and it was already midnight.So I went to sleep and didn't finish watching 'Lord of The Ring'.... :) ...A asked me out for a movie first I agreed but when I think about it again,i decided not to go because there's no guys at my house tonight,so I need to stay home and "guard" our house.I'm man of the house now and I don't want my dad to be worry that I'm ouside and my sisters at home ny themself and unprotected because you know,women needs men to protect them...hahahaha..just kidding...but yeah,I need to protect my family,they're all I've got....I texted A and told him that I couldn't go out tonight but he haven't reply..I don't know if he get my text or maybe he's upset...but I'm sure he's not mad,he's kinda understanding sometimes....I called him just now.He didn't reply because he was in the middle of something.So,I told him that I couldn't go,he's ok with it.He said he might not go anyway because he need a rest after 2 weeks of non-stop studying.So,problem solved.... :)....I'm gonna go out for dinner tonight with my 2 sisters....I stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 260...I haven't been using my own picture for such a long time.The problem is,I don't which picture to use.Most of it I look it's kinda hard...but don't worry,I will use my own picture again someday...


Thursday, March 8, 2012


I didn't go to work today.. :P I told my boss that I have a fever....Hang out by myself,did a little shopping and bought my dad's birthday card,,Now I'm getting ready for the dinner.....Had fun tonight and everything went well...:)

Back to work..I went to the clinic yesterday and got my M.C....I already gave it to baldy..and now I'm acting like I still have the fever,I can't if baldy believe me...but who cares???LOL..Maybe later continue checking our customers' records... :( I'm not gonna read 'Brisingr' today and I only checked a few of the records because I have a terrible "headache" :P but I will finish it tomorrow or the next day..Tomorrow I have to start work an hour early but I will also off work an hour early.Why??I don't even know...I didn't read 'Brisingr' today....You know what?I think I don't wanna read any books in 'Inheritance Cycle' at work anymore,I just wanna read at home because   I'm afraid that when I'm no longer work here and I read the books again,I will remember my time here,which is SUCKS!..I wanna remember reading it as a good and happy thing but if I read it at work,it will ruin that memory because I hate this place.What do you guys think??I might get bored but I'll be happy in the future...

Today,is the first day I go to work without 'Brisingr' or any other novel from the 'Inheritance Cycle',instead,I brought my nephew's book,'Big Nate' by Lincoln Pierce..I'm alone at work right now,I don't know where baldy goes but he isn't here from the time I open the shop..I kinda like it,you know.BTW,I have finish checking but I don't know if he'll give me some more (hopefully not)..Right now,I'm trying to enjoy my free time from checking thing and from baldy... :) Today,something amazing(I think)happened..baldy said sorry to me for the first time.It happened before I went for my break.You see,my dad was here to pick me up but baldy haven't return from his lunch.So,when he arrived to the shop,he was like "Sorry,sorry,sorry," because he's late...I was quite surprise but well,he should feel sorry....I have made my decision that I will quit this job on July,no matter if I get accept or not to further my studies because I think it time to leave.I'm afraid if I stay longer,something worse might you think it's a good idea???I haven't told my family about it,though,because I don't want them to think that I'm being ridiculous but maybe they won't and I might feel guilty because my sisters and brothers have to stuck at a sucks place so that they can support us even though they hate their work place..So,meanwhile,I will keep it a secret from my family....I've finish reading 'Big Nate' and I still have 2 hours before I could go home...Luckily,my dad gave me his old phone because he has a new phone(a gift from my sister) I can listen to the radio.. :) On second thought,I might read 'Brisingr' at work because if not,I will die of boredom even though I have a radio now but still,I might get bored..but we'll see about it...

My dad,my 2 sisters and my brother will be going to Perlis for my cousin's wedding and they'll be back here next week.It'll be quite but it's good and besides,my sister will leave her laptop...Yea!!.. :) I brought another 'Big Nate' book and I'm still considering about bringing 'Brisingr' to work.One part of myself want to bring it to work but my other part thinks it's a bad idea..I don't know what to do....I've done reading 'Big Nate' and I still have about 3 and a half hours before I could go home..."amazing",right???...I feel a bit uncomfortable because I never had this kind of situation for a few weeks,you know,before this I always busy with checking or reading books but right now,I'm not doing anything.Back to the time when I didn't bring any books...but I kinda like it,feels more relax..... :) but I know that baldy will give me works to do...Almost time for me to go home.I think I will update my blog today.If i'm not too tired or my sister isn't using it...or worse,my sister brought it to Perlis....Arghh!!!!!!!


Saturday, March 3, 2012


 I watched the 84th Annual Academy Awards yesterday,it was awesome,Billy Crystal is amazing..Today,I will checking our customers' records and if I have time,I will start reading the third book in 'Inheritance Cycle','Brisingr'..kinda excited.. :)..I stopped at page 26....and still haven't finish checking,a lot more to go...

Today,as usual,will do some checking and reading 'Brisingr'...and also,today is a special day because it' 29th February,it's 'Leap Year Day'(I don't know for sure LOL)..I stopped checking after I got back from my break,just need some rest :P ...I took the chance and continue reading 'Brisingr'.I'm at page 94 now,can't wait to continue...BTW,I might not put something on baldy's food or drinks...for now,,really,I might not do it because I'm start cooling off now but I will do it if he start a fight with me again...I hope my salary is already in the bank,so that it will help me cheer up a bit but actually I am kinda happy these few days,I don't know why and also,it's been raining for a while but everyday lately....My dad's birthday is a round the corner,3 more days to go.We planned to go out for dinner the next day but it's still to be confirm...

Changing plan,we might just have dinner at home for my dad's birthday.My sister will cook the meal,my other sisters and brothers and I will but the cake and the present....Listening to the song 'Keep Holding On' by Avril Lavigne...makes me happy a bit after found out that my salary is not in my account yet,maybe today it will...hopefully..BTW,this Sunday,Manchester United will be fighting against Tottenham Hotspur..I feel like I want to watch it but I have to go to McDonald because at my house,we didn't subscribe sports channels,so I have to go somewhere else..but my sister said she will subscribe it once EURO 2012 start..which is in June :) ..Did a little checking,still have about a few dozens to go and now I'll continue reading 'Brisingr'..Yea!!I already got my salary but it's in my bank account but still,I already got it!!... :) ...I stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 148..Right now,I'm waiting to be pick up by my sister from wook....and she has arrived... :)

Tonight,'Lord Of The Ring:The Fellowship Of The Ring' will be play on tv!!!Yea!!can't wait to watch it.. :) ..I might not go to work on Sunday because I have to help prepare for my dad's birthday dinner that night but we'll have to see about it...I had an awkward moment today,I had to sit next to baldy while checking our customers' was so weird,we didn't say a word..I hope I didn't have to go through it again tomorrow...Well,another 20 minutes before I go home and I'm resting at my chair right now,away from baldy...LOL...I didn't got so many chances to read and now I've stopped at page 158...

Today is my dad's 72nd birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!..I've watched 'Lord Of The Ring: The Fellowship Of The Ring' yesterday.That movie is awesome!!I've seen it before but it was a long time ago....I borrowed my sister's phone today so that I could listen to the radio :).. I'll checking later but now,I'm gonna continue reading 'Brisingr'...Done some checking,not so much left.I will continue next Tuesday because tomorrow I will not going to work because I'll be sick tomorrow(just pretending LOL)..I stopped at page 180.. :)