Friday, December 9, 2011


Since yesterday,I've start reading a new novel that I bought on Monday,the title is "The Novice" by Trudy's actually a sequel of the first book in The Black Magician Trilogy,the first book was "The Magician Guild",that book was awesome....I've finished reading that and now the second book,I've read 3 chapters now,so far it's kinda awesome....I can't wait to continue reading it and buy the third book title "The High Lord".. :) I'm reading chapter 7 now....OMG!!it's getting interesting... :)

My boss is such as an ass,be made me panic just see,there's a woman called and asked me to find a frame(glasses)for her,she gave the frame's code...while I was talking to her,my boss came back from where the hell he,I told him that this customer ask to find a frame and he ask me to find it myself and the way he was talking is like he's mad at me and at the same time that woman was still on the line,she waits for me to find I was like "what to do,what to do?",but to myself...Finally,I found that frame and told that woman...then,he said to me "that's not the customer,it's the supplier,"and I said to him "I didn't know that,"and then we continue doing what we were doing...BTW,I call my boss 'baldy',well,not in front of him of course...just when I was talking to my family or my's not that he is bald,just that he's hair is so little,like a that's why I call him baldy...LOL..

OMG!!!'New Year's Eve' is awesome!!!!I've watched it yesterday with A,we had lots of fun eventhough we didn't do so much thing...I still can't believe that I finally got a chance to watch it,I'm so happy right now!!..BTW,I almost finish reading chapter 12,that story is exciting...and tomorrow I'll...actually we(me and my family)will be going to my aunt's house @Perak...which is about 2 hours of drive from my house...evethough my aunt's place is not so happening like here but they have places that's nice to visit...and I'm glad for not have to go to work..LOL...I've finished reading chapter 16 now,and I'm resting my mind for a awhile... :)