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What's up?

So since everyone is in the mood of love this week...or at least thinking about something that is related to love....haha

I thought I give some advice...or suggestion regarding relationship. Specifically long distance relationship.

I know a lot of you all must be thinking like “Why the f*** he wants to give relationship advice when he never been in a ever?”

First of all, f*** you...LOL. Second, yes, I have never been in a relationship and maybe never will but that doesn't mean I don't know anything about being in love. Isn't it the main thing in relationship? Love? So I have done my research and observation and I do have or had been in love, but that's for a different post.

*wink, wink

So, this week I'm gonna share with you guys the tips on what you should do when you are in a long distance relationship.

Before we begin with the tips, I wanna tell you guys why I choose this topic with this week's blog post. It is because long distance relationship is pretty common nowadays and most of it ended up with a break up. I know that everyone have their own reason but most common thing I heard is because it's hard. Well, isn't all relationship is hard?...LOL..I'm joking...

I just feel like, if you love each other, shouldn't you be thinking about ways to keep it? Instead of thinking about how hard it is? 

Well, I don't wanna talk about my opinion because it's gonna be a long ass post..haha.

So, let's start with the tips!

1. Don't smother your partner with excessive communication.

You don't need to send him/her a text every second because to keep the relationship going, doesn't mean you guys have to communicate 24/7. It will turn out as if you are being possesive or clingy. Plus, come on, what could you possibly be texting when you already out of topic? Less is more, so you just have to find the right moment at the right spot.

2. Think of it as a learning process.

Some people like to think that distance will make them grow apart. Well it's not necessarily true. What I always believe is that sometimes, being apart will make the relationship even stronger. And I'm not just saying about romantic relationship, in any relationship, to be honest. So, take this situation (being apart) as a learning journey for you and your partner.

3. Set some ground rules.

Doing this will avoid you from doing things that pisses off your partner and to be clear with what you expect of each other during the long distance relationship. But try not to be too possesive and list out a bunch of ridiculous rules..LOL. Know what's your relationship, is it exclusive? And what is your commitment level?

4. Don't do the things that your partner dislike.

For example, if going to a party will displease your partner, you can choose either not go or you can let your partner know before you actually go to that party, just to reassure him/her. Trust me, your partner will be very upset or extra worried or extra suspicious if you don't do this..LOL.

5. Greet each other.

From one of the reference that I found, they said it is a must for you to greet each other good morning and good night. And try to update your partner on your life and anything that happens. But again, try not to update 24/7. To make it more sweet, send each other pictures or videos, I mean short videos, not an hour long videos...haha. By doing this, you'll make your partner feel loved and attended to.

6. Do things together.

Related to the above tip, you should also do something together. Maybe play an online game or watch a Youtube video at the same or even read a story on Wattpad together (link is below this post...LOL). Or even more adorable, sing to each other on Skype. To be honest, I really think this is a great way to make your relationship stronger. I mean, even though you guys are not physically together, but you guys can still do something at the same sweet is that?!

Other than that, you can also recommend books or movies or songs or blog to each other. This will make you guys have more topics to talk about.

7. Visits each other.

It maybe kind of difficult especially for those who don't really have a lot of money, but try your best to do it because this is the highlight of every long distance relationship. You will finally be able to hug or hold hand with your partner and see them without any screen cutting in. For other couple, it may seem like a common thing but for those who are in a long distance relationship, this is the best thing ever!

8. Enjoy your time.

Remember, you are alone but not lonely....unless you choose to feel that way. Take this moment to spend time with your friends and family. And focus more on yourself.You don't have to make everything about your partner. But it doesn't mean you are forgetting them or trying to shut them down from your life. 

9. Know each other's schedule.

It's very helpful that you know when is your partner free, so you can call or text him/her. Hence, you will not disturb them when they are in an important meeting or in the middle of class. Don't be like the wife in White Chicks, calling her husband while in the middle of a discuss with his boss...haha. Plus, you will also get to know about his/her big events and you can wish them goodluck or something.

10. Gift a personal object.

Someone once said that there's power in a memento. Even in a small things like a ring or keychain or even a song or a video because we often attach meanings to the items we found in our everyday life. We'll do it either on purpose or not. We try to store memories in physical things, in the hope that when our mind fails us, we can look or hold on to something that will help us remember.

I have to admit that the last sentence is not from myself, I found it online, but I love it. So don't judge.

11. Be honest.

If you try to hide anything from your partner, that secret will slowly become a tumor, like cancer. Well, not literally but kind of, because it will swallow you up from inside out. So don't try to deal with things by yourself. Let your partner help you. Just be honest with him/her.

12. Write a love letter.

Send your partner a hand written love letter. I repeat, HAND WRITTEN. It's more personal and romantic that way, rather than a Times New Roman or other computerized font. And don't forget to send flowers or gifts on birthdays or your anniversaries. I totally agree with this tip and suggest that you do it.

Last, and one of the most important tip is....

13. Stay positive.

I cannot stress enough on this. You have to push away the negativity and replace it with positivity. Though yes, the waiting and the distance is sucks, but you have to remember that when it's all over and your partner is back, the feelings will be so great until all those pain just disappear. One of the positive things that you can do is to be grateful. Grateful that you have someone to love and who loves you back, compare to those who doesn't, like me....

I'm gonna go cry for a sec.



I'm back!

So yeah, be grateful and thankful for the little things.

So, that's all I got for you guys this week, I really hope these tips will help you through your long distance relationship. Or at least give you an idea what you need to do.

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Love Always,

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