Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I just got back my family was great,we all had an amazing weekends,I'm sure I was...haha..There's isn't much to tell,but the day before we came back home,I found out that the result for my final exam was already out...I was pretty nervous but I decided that I'm not gonna check it at that time because I don't wanna ruin my holiday mood,especially if I got a horrible grade..I was texting with K this morning until about 3 am,she asked me if I've seen my result and I said no and she checked for me but I told her not to tell me what my result is.I also told her what I was thinking about Y and she gave an advice(kinda)....Now,that I'm at home,I thought I wanna check it out but that thing have to wait because right now I'm helping my sister with the charity that she held for the Malaysia's Flood Victims...

We arrived home at about 9 pm and I was so tired and I slept early and woke up at about 7 am,this was crazy but I'm glad because I slept real good for the first time in a long time.....I tried to check my result but I couldn't find the link,so my result is still a mystery.. O.o