Sunday, February 5, 2012


S is here for the holiday and he asked me out with A.He wanted to watch 'War Horse',so I said ok but right now,I'm just waiting for A's reply..The actual plan was that the 3 of us hang out on Monday because it's a public holiday but sadly,S have to go to Melaka to visit his relative and he'll b going back to his University on Tuesday,so the plan is definitely canceled.. :( Tonight,me and S are gonna watch a movie,A couldn't com because his dad said that he went out too many times..I don't blame his father because maybe he's just worry but I do feel guilty because before this I always wanted to hang out with him...So maybe I'm one of the reason that he often went out.So,just me and S,watching 'War Horse'..we got back home late because the movie finish late....

Yesterday,I stopped reading 'Eldest' at page 270 if I'm not mistake.So today I will continue reading it... :) I bought a "dragon",well it's actually a toy but it's not exactly what I expected it to look like.It was like a Lego but better looking and it's not just a dragon but it's with a rider.I'll show you the picture...



The movie 'War Horse' is amazing,well it was directed by Steven Spielberg,so you shouldn't be so surprise but I do feel quite surprise that it didn't win anything in Golden Globe Award,I mean I don't expect it to win best picture but at least something...maybe in Academy Award.This movie is amazing because it have the element of humor,sadness and tragic I might say and it also teach us the valuable lesson in life,that is to not give up hope no matter how hard it is or how risky it is but never give up...I could say that this is the saddest movie I've watched so far..but I didn't cry,I conclude that this movie worth to watch.


Today,I'll be reviewing the movie 'Chronicle'.From my point of view,I think this is a low budget movie because it looks like their using 1 camera for the whole movie...if you watch it,you'll understand what I mean and there is a part that they didn't really explain but all I can say is,this freaking awesome! because it have a few action,suspense and funny scenes and sad scene too..What makes it more interesting is that it makes you feel like you were there in the movie..I mean,the sounds,the it's kinda  awesome.The actors,they acted like they are the characters,I mean it's like it happen to them in real life.Overall,this movie is great.If you like watching mystery or supenatural movies,you should 'Chronicle'.