Sunday, April 21, 2013


OMG!This week is officially become a horrible week.I said that because,first,I lost my pencil case together with my USB flash drive,my pencils,pens,and other stuff.."amazing"..Second,I received a cheque from the loan thing and I thought it will be a good news but unfortunately,there's some problem about my name on the cheque,so I have to send it back on Monday and God knows when I'll get it back..but I hope as soon as possible..Third,about my student ID,it's a new one but I could take it because I didn't submit the ID form that I don't even remember if someone told me to give it to the administration...I really hope nothing bad will happen anymore..On the good side,I did quite well on the acting yesterday.. :)...and also,I have done my presentation,quizzes and one of my test,though I'm not really satisfied with it....The day after tomorrow,I will have another test,so I'm not going home tomorrow,too bad...Oh,I totally forgot one other thing.Do you remember the girl that I mentioned in 'My Diary:Life as a College Student (8)',one of my girl friend?You see,yesterday,she has a problem with her friends who also my friends and she was hungry last night and wanted to have a dinner with her friends and me but her friends was sleeping and refuse to go,so I kindly accompanied her,since I was hungry too...The thing is,today,she was ok again with her friends and I was asking her when will they go out for dinner,she said at 8 but I was starving and it was about 6.30(almost as the same time as we went out yesterday),so I said I'm going for a dinner now and just said ok.I mean,I don't really mind and I'm not really surprise but I thought she would say "yeah,I'll accompany you,"..but I guess maybe she wasn't,this will be my second reason for me to be isolated,like I was a few weeks ago...

I'm still at my hostel although it's Friday.. :O...because tomorrow morning I have a test.."great"...wish me luck!....About the ID thing,I already took care of it but I will get my new ID next semester...Yesterday,I had this feelings,I don't think it was sadness but it's more of anger because I stupidly didn't continue being quite and isolated...but from now on,I will be,since I have two reasons...


Saturday, April 13, 2013



This week is a busy week for me and my classmates.I have 2 quizzes tomorrow,a presentation,which I have to act(though it’s kinda exciting)on Wednesday and I have a report to do...”amazing”..OMG!!something surprising happened.You see,my plan was that I want to know the time table for my next semester and see if it’s not too crowded,I don’t want to stay in the hostel,I want to travel from my house to college because I still don’t feel comfortable staying here.So,I thought that my plan is a good plan but I just found out this afternoon that we have to decide whether to stay at the hostel or not before this Friday.. “awesome”...’s crazy!!!...I really don’t know what to decide...I wasn’t suppose to think about it now,right??This was suppose to be happen next month or so,right??...I really hate this...

Argh!!!!!I hate this!! I started being talkative again..I hate not just because I’m afraid of acting sissy but it’s just sometimes I might say things hurtful,though not on purpose..I think I’m gonna be quite again,although my friend might think I’m a psycho but at least I won’t say something that I will regret...

I started to feel comfortable... :O....I’m worry that I might get bad again....Well,the decision have been made...I will stay at the hostel for next semester.... “wuppie”..I will pay for the deposit tomorrow....Good news,I’m going back home tomorrow evening...yea!...because my Friday’s class was cancelled... J...I did the acting thing but unfortunately,I didn’t do so well...but luckily our lecturer is nice,so she gave us all a second chance to do better next week..wish me luck!...I was suppose to go home today and come back here tomorrow since 2 of my classes was cancelled too but I was helping my friends with their assignment and then it was raining heavily and I don’t have a transportation... “amazing”..I really can’t wait for tomorrow...


Sunday, April 7, 2013


Remember when I said I wanna lay low?Well,actually it's not really working because the "spotlight" is already on me since I'm one of the 'A' student in my class...but I'm still trying and I do appreciate the attention,just that,you know how I will behave if I'm being too comfortable...I wanted to be a wallflower,though it sounds crazy but I think I'm better like that...BTW,about me being tease at school for acting like a sissy,I never told my family because I don't want them to worry about me,I know they'll freak out if I tell them and they will find those people who called me 'sissy' and,that's why I keep it as secret from my family but my best friends know about it,obviously......

I'm pretty sure that being lay low,isn't working because the attention is still on me and I've started to talk more again...I tried to lay low but my surroundings doesn't let me...Tomorrow I'll be going home for the weekend by commuter but not alone this time,I'll be with one of my girl friends(the one that I mentioned in My Diary:Life As A College Student 1)..I'm thinking about telling her why I acted strange a couple of weeks ago but I don't know if it's the right thing to do.I'm worry that if I told her how I behaved in school,she might see me differently,but maybe not in a bad way...I really don't know...BTW,there's a lot of things about myself that my friends here don't know,like they don't know I like cooking,playing guitar,drawing,write novels and few others...I know all of you must be wondering why I didn't tell them,it is because I just wanna keep it to myself,so that they won't ask me questions or something ,hence,the "spotlight" won't be on me,though it's already is but at least if I don't tell them about my hobby,the attention won't be too much on me...