Saturday, March 24, 2012


I exercised yesterday,I jogged for about 1.2km and I walked for 2km...I know it's not so much but it's ok for the 1st time after a long period of non-exercise...I have to tell you something,don't tell anyone about it but my legs and back are killing me...LOL..this is what happen when you didn't exercise for a long time and didn't do any stretching before start jogging...LOL..I had a fun time yesterday,exercising,had a big breakfast and online for a few hours... :)..BTW,Man. United won 5-0 against Wolves last Sunday..Yea!!..I stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 546...Tomorrow I have to start work an hour early because baldy have to go to a University for a lecturing and stuff,just like last week..

I'm at work alone...Baldy is back..Today I'll be off work an hour early,thank God..Stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 562...

I'm not in a very good mood today because I'm kinda pist off with my sister.You see,this morning,I was online in my room.While i was online,my sister came in and sat behind me.Maybe for some people it's normal but for me it's kinda disturbing sometimes,like today I feel it's disturbing..I mean,I don't mind sometimes but I need my personal space too.I bet she feels the same sometimes,i'm sure everyone feels it too...So,I decided to give the laptop to her and shockingly she said "Ok," and she continue "amazing" is that??So,that's why I'm a bit moody today...It's ridiculous how people can't respect other people's privacy.It's not like i'm watching porn,I was chatting with my friends,so I need some privacy..even though they didn't read anything (I think)but still,it's uncomfortable,right?.....Sad news,I might not have a chance to watch 'The Lorax' at the cinema because I don't have time and I think today is the last day of showing.. :( I guess I just buy the DVD or something.....At first,I thought I would just forget what happened this morning,..but I couldn't because I want her to know that I'm not happy of what she did and maybe my anger to her haven't subside yet..I stopped at page 619...

I've been thinking about if I get accepted to  a university or college that's far from where I am now??It feels kinda sad because I have to abandon my life here and have to start a new life at maybe somewhere I never been before.. :( Well,everything in life has pros and cons,right??I rally hope I get to study at somewhere close..even though I know that one day I will have to live somewhere else but not now,I'm still not ready..LOL..but whatever happens,I'll take it as fate...So now,I'm just gonna enjoy my time here and be happy... :)..When I went for my break,I managed to forget what my sister did to me..I spoke a few words to her even though I hope she would realize  her mistake..but you know,I'm glad I did'll make me look nice..LOL.. just kidding,I did it because I know Troy would do the same... :) I stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 660.. :)

There isn't so many pages left in 'Brisingr' for me to read,I might finish it today or tomorrow.At first,I thought I should not finish it before the end of the month but then I decide to not limiting my reading and if I finish it early,before I get my salary,I will just read 'Eragon' again until I buy the  4th book,which is 'Inheritance',the last book in the 'Inheritance Cycle'..The story is getting interesting now.. :) I stopped at page 704,about 50 more pages to go.I think I would finish it tomorrow...can't wait to start the new book but at the same time I feel kinda sad because after I finish reading the 4th book,I have to read something else...:( but not to worry because I haven't even bought the last book,so I don't have to feel sad now... :)