Thursday, August 16, 2012

MY DIARY (126)

Earlier,there's was an Indian girl came to apply for a job here..I don't know if baldy want to hire her and I'm not sure if that girl is confirm to work here...but hopefully she will,so that I can leave on the 5th September... :) ..I went to the clinic on Sunday night,I do have fever and the doctor gave me an injection of Penicillin on..well,let's just say on my "cheeks"..LOL...It was quite embarrassing..but now,my fever has ceased,thank God... :)

3 more days before Eid day and 2 more days before my day off start!!!yea!!!!...Our plan for breaking fast together might be cancelled because S have to go out with his family but he said he can meet with us after that.I told him it's ok,we'll meet some other time because I'm sure he'll be tired and besides I have a lot of things to do,clean my house and help my sister with her maybe I might not have time to meet with them