Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Yea!!I can online at home now because I bought a new broadband... :) and I also bought a new hand phone yesterday.. :P but it's nothing special,it's the cheapest I could find with a radio..I also learnt to play guitar on the internet but it's quite hard,it wasn't going anywhere but I did learn a few chord.. :).Yesterday was great! :)....Now,I'm at work :(.A and S planning to take me out tomorrow for my birthday :P but we'll see about it.I hope I could start work an hour early tomorrow,so that I could go home early and I can spend more time with my best friends.. :) and I hope everything will be fine,nothing bad will happen to ruin everything....I have this new habits where I like to write '*showing my teeth*',I don't know why but it's kinda funny,that's why I do it.I've done it a few times.It's strange,right??but I like it.. *showing my teeth*