Monday, January 30, 2012


Back to work...Yesterday,G texted me and already solved the problem between us(through text).She said she won't do it again,lets hope that it's true...BTW,I tried to finish building that house model but sadly I couldn't ,perhaps I could finish it later... :)

Since yesterday,I'm being serious all the time(@work)because if I'm being who I am,I'm afraid that something might ruin it,like get into an argument with my boss.I know it looks like inappropriate but I have to do it,it's for my own good....

Yesterday,I watched 'My Soul To take' on tv.That movie was quite awesome,well,it was written and directed by Wes Craven.It have the element of suspense and humour...So I can say that it's worth to watch.... :) I'm almost finish reading 'Eragon',just about 5 chapters to go...I'm a bit worry if I done reading it before next Sunday because I haven't bought a new novel yet maybe next Monday,so I'm afraid I might die of boredom....Right now,I feel like I wanna quit my job,it doesn't makes me happy anymore because lately we often argue.What makes me kinda pist-off is because he never appreciate me for my good deeds but he wants to get mad at me for my little mistakes..I think he thinks that if he pay me,he can do whatever he want and not appreciate me as a worker..I mean,if he look at the side of 'give and take',he gave my salary,I do my job..he's mad for my mistakes,so he should say good thing for my excellent work,right??but no,he didn't...No wonder his employees always changing....