Monday, October 17, 2011


Ok,this week I will review about the movie that I watch last week which is  'The Three Musketeers',all I can say about that movie is......AWESOME!!!!LOL......because the plot was amazing,well organized,the cast was great,the action was  jawdropping and the score was good....and also,I watched it in extra awesome.So,it's worth to buy the ticket to watch that movie..Mila Jovovich is such a great actress and so as others like Orlando Bloom,Logan Lerman and some others......The effect of that  movie was also great.I like the scene when they were fighting with the air ship..amazing...There's nothing negative to say because there's not a slight of imperfection in that movie but from my point if view...and in my opinion,you guys should watch it,then you'll know how amazing it is..... :)



I have this customer,actually he's the son of our customer.He's like 11 years old,I think.So,his face that keep me staring at him,well not really staring just keep looking at him because he looks like someone that I know and I think that that someone is the person that I knew when I was at the primary school.So,you're understand that I had forgotten most of my primary school years.The thing is,he(the customer's son)came again today to repair his glasses and it hitted me again but what makes me mad is because I don't remember who the person that I used to know is.I wish I have the boy's picture so that the person that I used to know could see it and you know,tell me that we used to know each other..but I'm sure that he also forgotten about me.Enough with that,I wanna tell you guys that I'm about to receive my salary!!! And the first thing I want to do with it is making new glasses..... :)

I already ordered my glasses,my eye power increases.I made 2 of it,1 small frame and the other is a big frame.Right now,I just have to wait for it to be ready.Can't hardly wait!!!! :)

WTH!!!!!!!! I don't know what's wrong with the internet here(@BurgerKing) but I can't sign in to my blog!!! So I can't update my blog this week.It's suck,I know...and I'm not so sure if I can update it next week because maybe I will be hanging out with my bffs but if I have a chance,I will update it.So,I guess next week I will be updating my blog by telling you guys what happened for this past 2 weeks,well not very much thing happened last week just that I received my salary and I'm making new glasses...So,wish me luck...

My glasses is not ready yet.Maybe he's busy,I can understand that.So,maybe it'll be ready tomorrow(hopefully).Besides that,I've been thinking this past few days about using my own picture for my facebook's profile picture...So,I'm a bit nervous about it because I never use my own picture because I'm not photogenic and I'm not very good looking,but what makes me thinking about using my own picture is that maybe I might be better looking if I have more confident,you know..LOL...So,probably next week I'll use my own picture..... :P

It's raining right now but not so heavily than earlier....FYI,my glasses is still not ready,I don't know why and I haven't ask him yet because I just think that it doesn't have to be rush because I'm not gonna go anywhere(maybe)..So,I think it might be ready today or tomorrow....

1 of my spectacles are ready(the big one),actually it's done yesterday before I went home.I've tried it and I think it's ok.My boss,he laughed when I wore it...he's so lame and not very up to date.Now,I'm just waiting for my other glasses to be ready.BTW,The Three Musketeers is on the cinema!!!! I want to watch it but maybe next week because I'm working everyday........ :(

It's raining again,heavily.My other glasses isn't ready yet,I'm not sure when but hopefully before Monday because I wanna wear it when hanging out with my bffs.BTW,A have watched 'Fright Night' in 3D,I'm so jealous and he also said that it was,there's 2 movies that I want to watch and I already told my best friends that we are gonna go for midnight movie on Wednesday because it is cheaper,I mean the tickets will be cheaper.It's cheaper because I think it's ladies night or something.So,every Wednesday the movie ticket will be cheaper.I've been thinking(again)that I want to make a mannequin house(I think that's what people call it),actually for a third times because I made 2 before but it's gone or missing.I like making it,you know but I didn't do it with a real stuff like the architects often do it.I just use a hard black card board,some coloured papers,glue and also oil pastels.So,I'm gonna do the same thing this time because I tried finding where can I get stuff like the real house mannequin but I found none.So,I jut need to buy all the stuff like before and find a perfect time to do it.Once it's finish,I'll post a picture of it here.Hopefully I could finish it or even get start with it.Right now,I'm waiting for the clock to strike at 9 because A said that he'll call me after I get off work.He texted me saying that we need to talk but then I texted him saying that he can call me right now because I can't stand waiting for the news but he texted me back and told me that he's busy and will call me later.OMG!!I can't wait anymore!!!!......Hahahahaha....A called and it was nothing,he just wanted to talk to me.He was driving,that's why he said he was busy.I'm so glad it was nothing,I was afraid that someone died....LOL.I told him about my plan for hanging out and he said ok...... :)

My boss went out for lunch and right now,I'm alone in the shop.It's raining outside but not heavily.I have a confession.....I don't have an IPhone...I know,it's so lame...even Steve Job's dead still I don't own any Apple's stuff...pity,but I will but an IPhone,either IPhone 3 or 4,I don't care as long as it's IPhone...both of my best friends have IPhone,except me :(.......but hopefully not for long....That boy came again..God,I hate the feeling that you know something but you can't remember what it is...I really hope that one day I will figure out who that person is........Yea!!!both of my spectacles are ready!!! and I already took it..... :)

I'm wearing my new small frame glasses today :) and I'm staring at the clouds outside.It's noon right now and it's bright and sunny...I just feel like wanna fly and touch the clouds because it looks fluffy,like a cotton candy LOL......and also the sky is blue,it's perfect for outdoor activities but I'm sure it's hot outside but not in here(in my shop)it's not too cold,just....intermidate... :) BTW,I just watched a movie titled 'The Boy Who Could Fly',it's kinda great...that's why I said I wanted to fly,just like the guy in that all should watch that movie :).Tomorrow,me and my 2 best friends are gonna hang out together.....but you know what,right now I don't feel so happy but instate,I'm feeling a bit sad,for no reason or maybe I do but just I don't know what it is....maybe this is the feeling that I should have at the past,when something bad happened,when I should feel sad about something....maybe I should felt sad at the time when horrible things happened but instate,I'm feeling it right now...but that's just a theory that I made up....I'm not even sure that it's possible...I believe that it would happen in a same day,like bad thing happen in the morning and you feel sad at night but in the same day...I'm not sure if it could happen after a long,I guess this is all for this week....

Today I didn't get the chance to update my blog or taking picture of myself because I was hanging out with my bffs,we were going out for lunch and watching movie...guess what,we watched......'The Three Musketeers'!!!!!!! it was amazing,I mean the addition,we watched in 3D!!! it was awesome...hopefully I can update my blog next week...I'm so happy!!!!!!

I'm at my work right first,my feeling was happy and excited...but now,I'm still feeling it but add a few more,that is  shocked,nervous,worried and know why???because my boss will not be here for 2 days next week,soo I have to  open and close the shop and also I have to work with this Chinese girl that I don't even know her name.She was here a few hours ago,asking about optical stuff...I'm not sure that she ever work at an optical shop but I think she's an optometrist too.....she will replace him for that 2 days of his absent....but you know,he told me that he might not be here,so it's
not confirm yet.So I have to wait for a few days to get teh confirmation....BTW,I don't actually know where he will go for that 2 days but I will ask him..I don't have confident on doing something,you know.....I have a very low self esteem,seriously....I never giv myself a compliment especially on the way I look...I never say that I look great except with my family but that's a joke,I was just joking.....but it's true,when people look at me,the first thing that popped in my head is that they look at me because I'm ugly or something funny on my face....I just wish that I could be more confident....

We(me and my 2 bffs)planned to watch a midnight movie today but it's not yet confimed because I have to wait for A's decision because he told me that he might have to go out with his family.So,I said to him that if he have to go with his family,it's ok because we can hang out some other time......So,I just have to wait for his confimation via text message...LOL....Yea!!!we are gonna hang out again!!!...we are watching movie,at first we want to watch 'Fright Night' but it doesn't have at midnight show,so we decide to watch 'What's Your Number'...that movie was great.It's funny btu a bit cliche....After watching movie,we ate at McDonald until 2 am...Amazing!!! it was fun but a bit creepy because a lot of people is sleeping,so it's quite outside.....but still,it's fun hanging out with my best friends until late at night......:)

I was planning to write about this girl that's making me confius wether she like sme or not and some other stuff and I also planned to mad at her for her weird acting..but i might not do all of it because I just found out the truth about her life,except about me writing about her because maybe I will but not now because I don't know where it'll go I change my mind and just let it goes as usual....maybe I would just test her and see if she can tell me the truth but I'm not sure if I want to do it or not because if she says the truth,am I gonna make her my girlfriend????....

I still want to use my own picture for my facebook's profile picture but I can't get a perfect picture for it because you know that I'm not photogenic,so it's hard to get a good one...hmmm..but don't worry,I will make it..... :) Thank God!!!My boss is not gonna go away,it's been delayed till November...LOL.Now I can breath freely....hahahahaha...

Right now,I'm listening to the same song...actually songs,like the first time I work here...because I don't know why my boss suddenly play that track of songs...So,right now I'm remembering again the first day U came to work here but now there's a lot of changes int he shop,even hair is shorter now and i'm wearing new shoes.....In 3 months a lot of thing changes,imagine that if in a year,must be a lot more thing change....

Listening to the song 'Arms' by Christina Perry and it's raining outside...I'm planning that today I will take a picture of myself....but I'm not sure if I could do it because I might not have time or something would go wrong....hopefully I can take the picture....Tomorrow is my day off,so I also hope that I could online and update my blog that I haven't been update for almost 3 weeks...Maybe I'm not gonna take my picture today because of something a bit complicated.....but I might take it but not really great maybe...well,we just have to wait and see...



I'm gonna tell you guys about the news that i just found out...well,actually I found out about it a couple of weeks ago but i forgot to blog it.I was so shocked when heard that Vanessa is dating Austin Butler.When my sister told me,I was like "Oh really??" but in my heart I was thinking that this was just a rumors or something...but a few days after,I read about it in a magazine and also a picture of it,a picture of them kissing in a that time I was so surprised and almost let the magazine fall down.I was like "What??Is this really happening??" I was so shocked....but you see,that is life...we can't just wait or live in the past,we have to continue on living life the fullest.The question that's been in my head until now is,"Is this mean Zac and Vanessa is not gonna be together again??"....only they can answer it..but the important thing is,they're happy and I really hope they're happy with everything......


I remember that once when I was 9 years old,Standard 3,I was in the second last class because I wasn't so smart at that time but in that class I was the smartest..I always get the first place in every exam.So,the story that I'm gonna tell you all is a funny's cute but funny.I don't actually remember the exact date and time of this story but it happened at school time.The thing is,I got a letter from someone that I don't know,I mean I don't know who the sender is because I found it under my table in my classroom and it has my name on it.I took the letter and read it but I don't remember the specific words that the letter said but I remember that it said that she(I'm sure that the sender is a girl)likes me,she likes that I'm smart,nice and a few other things.I was surprise that someone sent me a letter like that.The whole day at school I was wondering who could be the sender.So when i got back from school,I still kept it in my pocket and when I arrived home,I told my sisters about it,they laughed.They asked,who the sender is and they messed with me saying that I have an admirer and stuff.Actually,I laughed too because I was so young and I'm sure she's too.You know what,until now I still don't know who she is and I also don't remember what happened to the letter because I don't have it anymore.What a funny story,I'm smiling right now while writing this...but it shows that eventhough I don't have friends in primary school,I still have a great childhood memories.If the sender read this blog,I would be happy if she step forward and tell me the truth........ :)


Today I'm gonna tell you guys a few of my favourite songs.I wanna write all but u see,I have a lot of favourite song.So,I'm just gonna take this time to write some of it....Enjoy!

  1. Words don't come easy-F.R.David
  2. Oh Carol-Neil Sedaka
  3. Sealed with a kiss-Neil Sedaka
  4. Tell Laura I love her-Ray Peterson
  5. Just tell me you love me-England Dan
  6. Kiss me-Sixpence None The Richer
  7. Now and forever-Richard Marx
  8. Groovy kind of love-Phil Collins
  9. Wild world-Mr.Big
  10. Can't help falling in love-Elvis Presley
  11. You still the one-Shania Twain
  12. Feelings-Barry Manilow
  13. I write the song-Barry Manilow
  14. Ocean deep-Cliff Richard
  15. Some people-Cliff Richard
  16. Someone like you-Adele
  17. Rolling in the deep-Adele
  18. Need you now-Lady Antebellum
  19. Just a kiss-Lady Antebellum
  20. You belong with me-Taylor Swift
  21. Story of us-Taylor Swift
  22. Teardrops on my guitar-Taylor Swift
  23. Viva la vida-Coldplay
  24. Every teardrops a waterfall-Coldplay
  25. Hey there Delilah-Plain White T's
  26. Jar of heart-Christina Perry
  27. Pumps that kicks-Foster The People
  28. Love can wait-Cameron Mitchell
  29. Skyscraper-Demi Lovato
  30. Start of something new-High School Musical
  31. Getcha head on the game-High School Musical
  32. Right beside me-High School Musical
  33. Status quo-High School Musical
  34. When there was me and you-High School Musical
  35. Bop to the top-High School Musical
  36. Breaking free-High School Musical
  37. We're all in this together-High School Musical
  38. What time is it-High School Musical 2
  39. Fabulous-High School Musical 2
  40. You're the music in me-High School Musical 2
  41. Humu Humu-High School Musical 2
  42. Bet on it-High School Musical 2
  43. Gotta go my own way-High School Musical 2
  44. Everyday-High School Musical 2
  45. All for one-High School Musical 2
  46. Now or never-High School Musical 3
  47. Right here right now-High School Musical 3
  48. I want it all-High School Musical 3
  49. Can I have this dance-High School Musical 3
  50. The boy are back-High School Musical 3
  51. Walk away-High School Musical 3
  52. Scream-High School Musical 3
  53. Night to remember-High School Musical 3
  54. Just wanna be with you-High School Musical 3
  55. High School Musical-High School Musical 3
  56. Crush-David Archuleta
  57. A little too not over you-David Archuleta
  58. Elivator-David Archuleta
  59. The last goodbye-David Cook
  60. Kissing you-Miranda Cosgrove
  61. Jenny-The Click Five
  62. Everybody's changing-Keane
  63. Give you hell-All American Reject
  64. I wanna-All American Reject
That's all for now................