Saturday, January 2, 2016

GOODBYE 2015, HELLO 2016

2015 had been a great year for me because I've done a few things that I never thought I could do and I've accomplished some good things. Thanks to everyone for the support. And thanks to my best friends for been  there for me all the time. Thanks to those people and the new-old-person who have helped me be happy and inspired me to do what I love. I really appreciate all of you for all of it. Though there were some hard times but that are all the lesson that I learnt. I also feel like I'm getting much more mature through this year, I owe that to my best friends and a certain people. I don't think 2015 is a bad year for me.
For 2016, I hope it will be a much better year and hope that I could experience more new stuff and have more achievement and success. Hope I won't loose the people that makes me happy but meet more of those incredible people through out the year.