Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MY DIARY (157)

I went to the cyber cafe to online,so I have updated my blog....I have a decision to make,I don't know wether I should keep the secret or let go of it.If I keep the secret that means I'm keep the sad part and the good part but if I let go of it,I would be horribly wounded...So I don't know what to do and with the problem with my laptop,I already sent it to a shop and they'll see what's the problem but they said it might be 2 possibilities and both cost quite a,I really in trouble....

I still haven't make my decision and I don't have much time left because I decide if I want to let go of it,I'll do it tomorrow because tomorrow kinda related to the sad part of my secret....My laptop is fixed,BTW.There wasn't any major problem.So now I can online at home.....No matter what my decision is,tomorrow is still gonna be a sad day because of the sad part....I prayed to God tonight to give me a sign for me to choose...let's hope God will give me a sign,though I kinda made up my mind....