Monday, January 7, 2013

MY DIARY (192)

2 more days and I'm gone to college.. :(..Tomorrow would be the last day I'll be updating 'My Diary' until weekend,if I could go home on weekend...I should tell you all that when I'm in college,'My Diary' will be change to 'My Diary: Life As A College Student',since I am in college..I hope you like it...I also hope everything will be ok and I can go home on weekend..wish me luck..

Today is the last day before I start my new life and today is the last day for 'My Diary'.Starting tomorrow,it will change to a new name..There's a lot I'm gonna miss :( ...My sister asked me if I'm excited about studying and I said no because I feel nervous and sad more than excited and I think I don't feel excited at all...I got some last minute stuff to do,I still have to finish packing.. *sigh*...I'm done packing.Tomorrow is the day...wish me luck..