Sunday, August 30, 2015


There is this girl who also an intern at the same place as I am, but she started way before me...hence,her last day is tomorrow....tomorrow!...I'm saying this not because I'm gonna miss her or anything but it's because she's done her internship and I still have like a month and a half....a month and a half!..I know you would say it's not that long, that time flies quickly but's not that this company is horrible or something but I just hate being an intern,I have to be like nice and show a good attitude because I'll be grade by these people that I'm working you got the picture...I can't wait for my last day of internship..

I'm planning on doing a barbecue this Sunday...just for fun since it's the weekend and the next day is a public holiday,Independence Day! I think it'll be'll be like an independence day barbecue...

I had fun today,thought a bit tiring but it was great...My sisters,A and me,we hang out together at this new shopping mall,just walking and bought some books and grab something to eat and just talk....Anyway,something happened to my sister(not the one who got robbed the other day),it's kinda a long story and hard to explain and I wasn't there on the scene but all I could say is that my sister had a huge argument with a Chinese woman because that woman's husband was entering a commuter's coach which is for ladies only and my sister was asking the husband and the other guys who were also in there to change to another coach because it was too pack and those men just made it worst....but the husband left,so that woman was pissed and started to argue with my,long story short,my sister managed to deal with it(with words not physical) and that woman was speechless....What happen to people nowadays?neglecting rules and being rude?..WTH?..