Sunday, February 26, 2012


Rest for a while before continue checking,not so much left,for now...but I know I will have to do it again soon.... :( Hopefully for another month or so.. :)..Ok,I will continue reading 'Eldest' while I still have time....

I hate baldy!!!you know why??Let me tell you why,I was just finish moping the floor and you know what,he walked around the floor with his dirty shoe and he left dirt on the floor..what the hell is he thinking??!!I mean,he knew and saw I was moping but still,he walked around.I almost explode but I won't because I already have a plan for payback.. :) I will put something on something that,lets say goes inside his body..LOL..I'm looking for a right time to do it....I feel so evil right now...Ok,time for 'Eldest'.. ;) Honestly,I'm telling you guys that the song 'Keep holding on' by Avril Lavigne is the only song in baldy's track that give the strength to stay here...and money,of course.If not because of those 2,I think I'd already quit my job..Sad news,my dad just lost one of his close friends.My family know him,we met him a couple of time and now he's dead.I couldn't imagine how my dad feels but he's a strong guy and besides,this is not the first time he lost a close friend.I do feel sad for my dad but he's ok,his taking the news calmly.He's a strong guy and I'm proud of him.. :) I didn't do any checking thing today because baldy was sitting on his chair at his table,almost the entire day.So I took this chance to read 'Eldest' and I'm almost towards the end,1 chapter left.This book is amazing,a lot of surprises and also a sad and excited moments.Tomorrow would be the day I finish checking,for now and also the day I finish reading 'Eldest',,wish me luck!!!

OMG!!Tomorrow is the Academy Award..can't wait ti watch it.. :).....My dad's friend isn't dead,it was a fouls alarm.."amazing",right??..He's not dead,my aunt gave us a wrong information or maybe a miscommunication  but the thing is,he's not wonder my dad didn't look sad when I got home yesterday night..funny story,huh???...I'v finish reading 'Eldest'..kinda sad you know because I've been reading it for about 3 weeks and now,I'm done..gonna read the next book,start from page one again...kinda hard because I've read 1000 pages but I'm excited to find out what happen next.. :)...I'm done I thought,but no...I have to continue for another stack of records....God,this is killing me....but better now than delaying it for too long and I might get lazier....but I'm happy because tomorrow is my day off!!....