Monday, February 20, 2012


I still haven't finish checking our customers' record,just a little bit left.So,I want to finish it today and hope that baldy wouldn't want me to type or checking anything for a while.It's not that I'm lazy,just that the computer is on his table with all the other stuff,so it's kinda cramp with him walking around taking this,taking's not comfortable.So,that's why I don't want to do anymore checking or typing stuff...let's hope I don't have to do this thing for a few months.. :P Sadly,I have to continue checking and typing a lot more records,"thanks" to baldy but I'm determine to finish it by the end of next week..wish me luck you guys!....Still haven't finish,a lot more to go through...I took my chances to read 'Eldest' and now I'm at page 808... :)