Thursday, July 26, 2012

MY DIARY (118)

My plan after quitting this job is to continue my studies or work somewhere else.I was suppose to quit this job,rest for a couple of weeks,start a new job,if I didn't go to college but my sister told me to make sure that there are vacancy for me...but what if there's non?does she want me to stay?I told her the same thing that I told you guys,that I love this job,just that baldy is the problem...I don't know if she really understand my situation..I have to make a decision in 5 days because if I want to quit by end of August,I have to give the resignation letter a month early..but I guess we'll see...What do u think?should I quit or should I stay until I really have a new job or got to college??

Zac Efron won 2 categories in Teen Choice Awards 2012 and I just realize that I'm one of the people who voted for him..I'm so happy that I helped him win..LOL..though I have to admit that I lied about my age when I register to vote... :P...shh..don't tell anyone..LOL..

You know what,there's this girl,she's in my Facebook for quite sometimes now and yesterday she said hi to me on Facebook and she asked me do I remember her...I was kinda confuse and worried because I don't remember her and I told her that.She told me that we were in the same primary school and also high school..but I don't remember her..she knows my full name and that I was a prefect..I asked her whether we were close back then because she said she remember me the first time she saw my picture and she said not really..So,I honestly said that I might not recognized her before and she said I should ask A about her...I was like "Ok" but I apologize to her for a few times and I feel like a total jerk and kinda guilty because she must be so embarrassed because I don't remember her...We talked for a while and all the time we were talking,I was trying to remember who this girl is...I hope A will make me remember...My plan was that I suppose to give baldy my resignation letter this Sunday but the problem is,I don't know if the new place that I want to work has a vacancy or not and I haven't decide what proper reason should I give because I can't just say that I can't stand working with him,it sounds too cruel,though it's the truth...Too little time to do too many things...



I wonder what I did wrong??If,I did something wrong because do you remember M??(in 'My Diary 28')..I haven't been talking to her for a few months now and I feel something was wrong because I didn't see her status update on Facebook for quite a while.At first,I thought maybe she was busy and the other day,I decided to check her profile page but you know what I found?..nothing..I couldn't find her Facebook,she's not in my friend list and she isn't anywhere.Trust me,I looked for her...I don't know if she change her name but in my inbox,her name didn't change...So maybe she close her account or something...but why she didn't tell me??..I wonder what happen to her,is she mad at me?or is she having a problem?I don't know...I just wish she told me..because honestly,I miss talking to her...My other internet friends haven't talk to me and I haven't talk to them yet..maybe their busy or something..Actually,there's only 2 that still talk to me a few months ago,others just keep quite but they're still in my Facebook.The 2 is M and there's another one,N and N is still in my Facebook too...maybe I'll talk to her when I got a chance..