Thursday, March 15, 2012


Back to work...My dad,my 2 sisters and my brother has arrived home yesterday afternoon.The house is getting noisy again..LOL..BTW,Manchester United is at no.1 in EPL!Yea!..Baldy told me that I would have to start working an hour early tomorrow.He didn't tell me why(as usual) but he said if he arrive late,I have to open the shop..."amazing"...Wish me luck,you guys... :)...I've done reading 'Brisingr' until page 336...

I'm alone at work right now...Listening to the radio from my phone.I always wonder why kids like to stare at me??It happened this morning.This girl,about 9 years old or something,she stared right in front of me.I don't know what to do,so I just awkwardly's weird,right???It happened a lot of times,they didn't stare because they're scared of me but they stared emotionless.I don't know what they were feeling or thinking but they just kept's scary sometimes..LOL..Baldy is back...Right now,I'm waiting for my brother to pick me up for my break..I'll of work an hour early today...I stopped at page 372...the story is getting interesting.. :) Ok,I'm gonna go home now... :)

Nothing to write today,just wanna tell you guys that I've stopped reading ' Brisingr' at page 398...