Sunday, April 22, 2012


I didn't go for jogging or a walk yesterday I woke up late and I had to go somewhere else with my sister and my dad.So,I skipped jogging..LOL..I also had breakfast and online at McDonald... :).Today,back to work.I will be reading 'Inheritance',about 100++ pages left..maybe I'll finish it today or tomorrow.It's kinda sad,you know because this will be the end of 'Inheritance Cycle',though I still could read it again but it won't feel the same.....I have finish reading 'Inheritance',the last book 'Inheritance Cycle'.. :( It's kinda sad you know,even though compare to my 4 months of time spent on reading the 'Inheritance Cycle' books to 12 years of time the author  spent,is definitely different but I feel the same.It's hard for me to say goodbye to all the characters,just like the author himself because I know all about the characters,of who they are and there's couple of thing that I have in common with Eragon.I know you all might not believe it or think I'm crazy overacting but it's true.So that's why it makes me sad.I've finish reading 'Inheritance Cycle' what???

I'm alone at work right now,just like any other Wednesday(expect last week)...I don't know what to read,so I brought a humor magazine(it's a funny cartoon strips)....I still can't believe that I have finish reading all 4 books of 'Inheritance Cycle'.4 months I've spent reading them but now,it ended... :(.It's bummer but it has to end.Better now than later,when it's harder to let go...Tonight,my sister and I might went out for a movie.We want to watch 'Hunger Games' but if not,if the time is not suitable,we might watch 'Battleship',either one of it....I hope this would distract me from my bad feeling...EPL is almost towards the end and Manchester United is still at no. 1!!!! Hopefully they'll stay at the top and win the prize!!! :) We didn't any watch any movie but instead,we went out for dinner at Subway and I bought a book title 'The Secret:The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne.I don't really know what exactly this book is about but I think it's not a story but more to...I don't know what to say..LOL...but I think it's not a story...

I brought 'The Secret:The Magic' with me today...I read almost 200 pages of it.There are 2 things I want to say about this book.1st,this book is not a story book,it's more about motivation about achieving "magic" in life.2nd,this book is great because it teach you and give you ways to receive magic in life by gratitude.It said here that if you follow what she ask you to do in this book within 28 days,you will receive your "magic" in life..sounds amazing,right??I feel like I wanna do it... :)

You know what,I think I'm not gonna do it because of something complicated,something that I couldn't explain just by writing.This book does open my eyes about being gratitude and I will be more gratitude and find the way to get the "magic" in life but I will do it with my own way,that is,give my prayer to Allah... :) because I know that it is the best way to receive "magic" in life :).I think this is the first time I kinda regret buying book.I'm not saying that this is a bad book,just that it's not a story book,it's a motivation book,which is not my interest and it wasn't really about magic but it's about "magic",which is kinda frustration but it does open my eyes to being gratitude.I think the reason why this thing(buying the wrong book)happened because I was too eager to find something to read,to distract me from feeling sad about 'Inheritance Cycle'.So I end up buying a book that to me is interesting,so I thought.So,today,I bought another humor magazine,while I'm looking for a new or old book to read...After my break,I borrowed my sister's novel 'Mansfield Park' by Jane Austen(LOL)that she bought the same day I bought 'The Secret:The Magic'.I know that it's an unusual thing that a guy would do(reading Jane Austen)but I have to,if not,I don't know what else to read and besides,I could use this novel as a research for my new novel.. :) OMG!!!today is the day 'The Lucky One' hits theater!!!but I'm not so sure if it's already here(in Malaysia)...

I had fun yesterday night.After I got off work,A picked me up with S and we went to ICT and celebrated S's birthday there.We bought cake and KFC.We ate there,we laughed like a drunk person and we took a few pictures(mostly mine)LOL....We stayed until 2 am.It was awesome because we haven't hang out for like 2 or 3 months and I"m not sure when we will hanging out again.. :( but yesterday was great,I haven't had that fun time for a while....I woke up a bit late than usual today... :)..My prediction was correct because 'The Lucky One' is not here in Malaysia yet.. :(.Hopefully it will be here soon..BTW yesterday,when I went out with A and S,I got a chance to put on the style that I wanted to do... :P