Thursday, August 2, 2012

MY DIARY (120)

Yesterday I didn't bring my book where I write all of this,to work.So I couldn't update my blog but maybe I'll update it tonight...Nothing really happened yesterday,just that I got my salary!yea!...Based on my countdown,it should be another 30 days before my last day here but I might have to stay for a few more days because I haven't give baldy my resignation letter,not that I wrote it already.."amazing",right?..Today I will discuss with my family about mu decision and my plan..hopefully they'll agree...About my hoodie,there weren't size M,only L and XL.."genius",I stick with the size L..Honestly,right now,I don't know whether I should stay or quit my job because yeah,my sister was right,I should make sure that there're vacancies but at the same time,I can't work with baldy anymore,sure that right now there's no argument but what about later?..I'm really confuse right now...

I already have my decision...but I'll tell you later.First,I'm gonna tell you all about my sister's problem.You see,she and her friend have this acquaintance,a girl,younger than both of them.Long story short,this girl keep BBM-ing with my sister and her friend but they're busy with work and studies,so they couldn't really have a long conversation with her but she keep sending,so it's kinda bothers them.So the thing is,my sister told me that she decided to just kinda ignores that girl but I told my sister that she shouldn't ignores that girl without an explanation or something because I don't want that girl to keep wondering why my sister suddenly "disappear"..I don't want that girl to feel the way I felt but I didn't say that to my sister.My family doesn't really know what happened between me and my friends,now my classmates LOL..I hope my sister will do what I said and if that girl's still bothering her,then she have the right to ignore that girl because at least my sister already give an explanation...Back to my decision,I decided to quit my job..Tonight,I'll write the letter and give it to baldy maybe on Sunday..Now,the problem is,telling baldy about it,it's not that saying it,that would be easy but how will baldy react?What would he say?That's the thing that I have to prepare,wish me luck..