Sunday, March 31, 2013


Sorry for not updating anything for a long time because I was busy with my mid term tests last 2 weeks and I had a terrible fever.I was travelling back and to college from home everyday that week.And last week was my mid term break and I was recovering from my illness,so I was resting and not doing anything(not really) the entire week but I took a chance to meet with A since he's in on holiday too and I think he still is.We had fun watching movie,'Jack The Giant Slayer',that movie was amazing!...We really had fun,I told him everything about what happened in my life now and all the problems that I have to was great,I wish I could meet him again...

There's 2 things that I told A that I wanna do here,at my college or hostel.I did the first one,just now,which is to cry my eyes out and to let my sadness out,though I'm not so sure if it's all out...but I still haven't get the chance to do the second one,which is to speak in English with my friends.I'm not trying to brag or anything,just that me and my best friends always speak in English to each other,so I wanna do the same here but I don't really have the guts to do it.I told my lecturer about it and she said I should just maybe I will..wish me luck!...about me crying thing,don't tell anyone,ok?... 

I watched 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' yesterday and it hit me,makes me realize how I had behave here in college when I feel too comfortable.You see,when I was in school,I acted kinda like a sissy(not on purpose) and because of that people always tease me.I hate myself or acting the way I did,so I plan not to behave the same way but I'm worry that I might acted sissy when I'm too comfortable without realizing it,though so far not one tease me of being sissy...the thing is,I kinda trying to be alone and not feeling too comfortable but my girl friends think that I'm mad at them.I want to tell them the truth but I'm afraid they might not understand,so I really don't know what to do....