Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MY DIARY (162)

I can’t wait to watch MTV Europe Music Awards tomorrow morning at 4 a.m....I slept this late afternoon for a couple of hours,hopefully I won’t get sleepy tomight... J..Two of sisters are kinda involve in show biz.One worked as an intern at a production company and already have a tv show that credit her name on screen....congrats to her..and the other one,sort of like a personal assistant for a celebrity but it’s not very official and she said she don’t really want to because she said she doesn’t really like that guy(the celeb) but I think she likes him... :P ..well,it’s good for her actually.....When I hear they talk about their work and celebrities,well I’m lying if I say I don’t get jealous,I do,kinda but it’s ok for me because most of the celebrities they met,isn’t really my favourite.Maybe if I am jealous,it could be because they might be popular but it also makes me determine to finish and hopefully published my novel...wish me luck... :)

You know,the word “I’m here for you no matter what”,for me,means a lot.Either I say it or someone say it to me..I don’t remember if I ever said that to people and I don’t recall if anyone ever said that to me either...but it’s ok,maybe when the time comes,I will hear it from someone.. J ..I know A is gonna read this and he might say it the next time we meet but I hope he won’t because I know he’ll do it because he read my blog....and besides,I know he’ll help me out even though he didn’t say it... J....Something happened,you see,my sister,my dad and I was trapped in a traffic jam.We were on the right lane and suddenly,there was this 4 Wheel Drive tried to cut the line in front of us and they were so close to our car until we almost hit each other but my sister didn’t let them and then I did something crazy.I showed my middle finger..they honked at us and then cut us on the right side of the road and honked again and shout at us but I respond with a stare,they were furious but I’m not scared because they started it...the reason I’m telling you this isn’t because I wanna brag about it,I just wanna share because honestly,I’m not proud of what I did,I shouldn’t do it.That’s not who I am,I’m not a brown nose or a gangster.And one other thing that’s on my head is my decision to be quite again because from my point of view,the more I talk,the more mistakes I make...So,right now,I’m not in a very good mood....