Friday, September 27, 2013


I wanna say how sorry I am for not doing the twitcam last week because I was kinda busy with assignment and stuff....I might do it this weekend,maybe...BTW,I did go out with K and I already bought a shirt for tomorrow...Tomorrow is a big day for me..I hope everything will goes well...

Yesterday went well...I received a trophy for my achievement..yea!!..I had fun,though I didn't got the chance to take a picture with Y...too bad..I'm on my way home right now,tomorrow I'll be going back to college with my dad for the academic day which I have to meet with all of the lecturers that's teaching me this semester...but then I'll be home again and perhaps I could be on't wait to get home.. :)

It's horrible last weekend because I couldn't online,the reason is a long story...I really hope I could online this week and be on twitcam...Honestly,I don't know why but I don't feel very happy,it's like my body is here but my mind is somewhere else,I don't know what to talk about with my friends,I just keep quite...hopefully I won't feel like this for too long because I don't want my friends to be worry about me...K was worried,she thought I was mad at her(she always feels like that),but I told her that I wasn't mad,I'm just tired...I feel guilty sometimes when I accidentally makes her feels as if  was mad at her...but I also told her just now that she doesn't have to worry so much about other people,if it would affect her concentration...

I feel much better....or maybe I just pretend to feel better..I don't know...I'll be going home in 2 days..I hope I could be on twitcam this weekend...I should tell you that on my twitcam,I will talk about things that I haven't write in My Diary and I won't write it again on My Diary after hope you'll be there...