Sunday, July 15, 2012

MY DIARY (112)

As usual,I was busy yesterday,typing but still a lot to key-in..I didn't start working an hour early today...I will continue typing later...I hope I could finish it before wish me luck...I didn't do any typing today.. :P but I will do it tomorrow...

Yesterday I spent the whole day at work typing and I finally finish it..Thank God..Hopefully I wouldn't have to do it again..I'm free right now,baldy went out for lunch..Tomorrow,my family will have a ceremony at my house,we call it 'Tahlil',it's a ceremony where we gather and pray for those who left(in other word,died)and specifically for family members,like my mom,my aunt,my grandparents and few others.The ceremony will be held on the afternoon but sad thing is,I have to go to work because my annual leave aren't much left and I'm saving it for Eid Day and emergency situations...but I will be there on my break tomorrow...

I'm so exhausted because I was cleaning my bedroom,the tv room and the bathroom last nite and now I'm at work...You know one other problem with baldy,it's that the way he talk to me.Maybe he wanted to look tough or strict but then sounded rude...Here's a reminder to everyone,don't act strict without a reason or all the time because people would disrespect you and then annoyed by you..Honestly,I don't respect baldy as I were on my first day because of his jackass attitude..No wonder his previous worker didn't stay long...