Monday, October 29, 2012

MY DIARY (156)

I realize that lately I'm kinda better,I talked a few more words but somehow,I sort of pulled myself back,try to stay quite,not on purpose,maybe because I'm getting use of being isolated.I hope I could be better,I don't want people to think that it's because of the secret but it's not,it's because I just don't know what to say...

My laptop went crazy again,I might not online today and maybe tomorrow too because it's Eid day(the same as in 'My Diary (5)')...I hung out with A and S today,I had fun though I didn't talk so much because I don't have anything to say(maybe)...but really,I did have fun...thanks guys..I was observing A and S and my theory(in '4th Member?') was true and luckily A didn't ask about it...I gotta say,from my point of view,I did kinda act like I wanted but not the being-quite-act,it was when I talked... :)

It's Eid day!!! I had fun today...A and S didn't come to my house,though I already invited them...Something funny happened today,my cousin's baby boy wanted me to carry him,for a few was a bit awkward for me because I never carry a baby before..Luckily I didn't drop him..LOL..

My laptop is still not working,I have to take it to a shop,maybe on Monday.I tried to fix it yesterday but to no avail.I'm kinda sad and pissed off to find out that I might not be able to online at home for a few days..I don't know what's the problem or is this a sign that I shouldn't think about the sad part of my secret??I don't know...

I dreamed about X this morning but it was a short one,nothing's strange,right??I didn't think about her before...I was actually hoping to dream about someone else but I got unfortunate...