Thursday, June 28, 2012



MY DIARY (107)

Yesterday was great but I didn't do a lot of things,just online,watching tv and rearrange my wardrobe.. :).I'm at work right now...BTW,I haven't text A or S for like 2 weeks,I think...I don't wanna bother them,you know because maybe they're busy,so I'm just gonna wait for their text...Christopher Paolini haven't reply my question but it's ok,maybe he's least he replied before... :) ..Remember the haze that I mentioned in 'My Diary (99)'?It's getting better,less haze...Actually,I'm still worry about the spectacles because I don't know whether he took it or not but I strongly feel that he haven't because if he did,I'm sure baldy be outrage at me,so I assume he didn't take it yet but I hope he has or if he want to take it,it's not when I'm here.....It's raining,quite heavily but there's no dark sky or lightning...I'm kinda proud of what I did just now,you see,baldy's friend,who work at an eye specialist about2 shops away from us,came and asked baldy to help her change the light bulb at her shop but baldy's short,so she asked me and I said ok and I successfully changed it.What I'm proud of is not because I changed the light bulb but because of I said ok without hesitation,without doubt...I know maybe it sound ridiculous but it also means that I'm confident of myself and it didn't happened just this one,it happened before but not changing a light bulb and I said ok without second thought.I feel kinda amazing that I'm more confident..but it didn't happen without anyone's help,someone shows me that I can be confident of thanks that person for helping me,though not literally... :)

I didn't start work an hour early today...Argh!!he haven't take his spectacles!!hopefully he'll take when I'm not here...


Monday, June 25, 2012

MY DIARY (106)

Luckily tomorrow is my day off,I need to get away from this place.I still feel kinda guilty about what happened yesterday,it looks like maybe baldy don't think about it so much,maybe,but I strongly feel he still think about it and maybe still blaming me...who knows,right??...You know what,since I do all this my diary thing,I rarely talk about my problem or how I feel,to my family or my best friends..I just everything in here,instead of talking to other people,maybe I'm afraid to hear what people might say,whether it's a good thing or a bad thing...especially the bad thing..maybe that's why I choose to write it here because I could share it and I don't have to worry about what people say because I wouldn't know,they didn't leave a comment...I think that's why I prefer writing than talking to people...but it is a good thing or a bad thing???


Sunday, June 24, 2012

MY DIARY (105)

Another argument just happened between me and baldy.This time it's about missed communication of the price for contact lens' solution.The actually price was RM38 but he thought it was the other one,which is RM36.The thing is,she took the solution from the shelf which is not so far from him(baldy)but he couldn't even see the different and then he blame me because he said when he said "RM36?",I said "Yes,",when in fact I didn't even heard what he was saying because his volume was so low and what I said was the label of the solution but he convince that I said yes...WHT??!!...but you know what,I will give him the other RM2 because yeah maybe it was my fault too but it is also because so that baldy could not be mad at me anymore(not because I'm scared) and I can still make a serious face at him...You know what,I was happy yesterday..see,I told you,I can't be happy at work.. :( ..Oh crap!!The price isn't RM38,baldy said RM40++ but I remember now,it was actually RM46...I tried to give the RM2 but,long story short,I'm not very happy about it,I thought I could fix it but I couldn't... :(


Friday, June 22, 2012

MY DIARY (104)

I spent about 5 hours of my time at work volunteer to clean the display shelves because I know that it's already dusty and I don't want baldy to ask me to do it,so I volunteer to do it...but now I'm free.I think one of the reasons that I don't really like baldy besides ungrateful and annoying,is that the way he ask me to do something sometimes,he sounded kinda rude,maybe he want to be strict but he become rude or maybe harsh.So,maybe that's why I don't like him so much,that's why I like to do something at work on my free will,but it doesn't mean I didn't do what he ask,just that I will do it unwillingly.. :P .BTW,Christopher Paolini reply my comment again :)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

MY DIARY (103)

OMG!!!I can't believe that Christopher Paolini,the author of 'Inheritance Cycle' replied my comment on Facebook!Not just one,a few and he also said that I asked him an interesting question.. :)..He's so kind,he doesn't mind if I want to ask him a lot of questions and I'm still waiting for his next reply..This is amazing!!!!..but I'm trying not to be too happy or excited,you know why..I have about 2 and half months here.I feel kinda sad to leave this relaxing job but feel kinda glad too to stay away from baldy LOL..but yeah,I think it's better for me to resign before worst things happen and I hope nothing bad will happen while I'm here


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MY DIARY (102)

I started work an hour early.I was alone but not anymore because baldy is back.I'm listening to the song 'Beautiful People' by Cher Lloyd and Carolina Liar(this song is amazing)and it made me realize that this song kinda like what I'm facing(I guess)but not that I'm the beautiful people and I know who's the perfect person to receive the song but I'm not gonna tell you guys.. :P...It's  started again,baldy and I had a small argument that I think it's not my fault.He saw the lens arrived but he asked me why didn't I tell him that the lens were's crazy,right??!!!So I guess I'm sticking with my serious face....


MY DIARY (101)

I read someones Facebook status saying maybe to her friend,"I know you've changed but I didn't know that much",you know what I think when I read that,I don't blame her friend because people will change and how much they will change is their own right,especially after what we did to them whether it's a good thing or a bad thing because if by changing themselves make them happy,why not??,except if they become mean or violent or something,then you have the right to be mad.I don't know what exactly her friend became but if my friends,not my best friends,said that I change too much,I wouldn't care because first,I didn't change because of them,I change because of myself and I found a few people that become my guideline,though what they did that makes me realize how glad I am that I've changed.Second,between who I am and who I was,I'm a lot happier with who I am.I know you all must be thinking that I'm lying,I said that to make me feel better,but it's not,it's the truth... :) *showing my teeth*


Sunday, June 17, 2012

MY DIARY (100)

OMG!!!!!!100 already!!Wow,that's a lot...Happy 100th My Diary post!!..I'm so nervous right now  because I'm alone and that girl I don't know if she's coming or not and I don't know when baldy will get back here..Argh!!!!!!I hope everything will be fine and no customer will come today...That girl arrived after like 5 hours...I might not have my break because I couldn't leave that girl alone in the shop....Now baldy is back,after leaving me for about 7 hours...OMG!!Baldy bought me dinner,again...that's so embarrassing.He did it because I didn't have my break...This is so "great"...I'm more worry right now because baldy's being nice to me,I'm afraid something bad might happen but I really hope nothing bad will happen...



There's haze since yesterday,it's quite serious especially at my place.This is because Sumatera,Indonesia is on fire or was on fire,I don't know actually..but it's worst.Hopefully it'll be gone soon because I miss to see a clear sky...You know what,I'm kinda lost track of Euro 2012 because the game was mostly early in the morning,so it's hard for me to watch it.So,I missed a few games but I only focus on England,Portugal and Italy.. :) ...OMG!!!tomorrow baldy's going somewhere!I'm gonna be running the shop alone...argh!!!!!If I'm lucky,this girl(I mentioned on 'My Diary (37)')will come and help me...hopefully everything will be ok..


Saturday, June 16, 2012


Do you remember that I said I sent an appeal for my University application??Well,the result came out yesterday and I checked...and I didn't get accepted..bummer,right??but I'll find another way,I'll find another university or college..this is not the end yet... *showing my teeth*


Friday, June 15, 2012


Let me tell you something,don't get outrage when people make a small mistakes because one day,we might do the same mistakes...I mean,we can be mad but don't over react...Are you kidding me??!!!!Baldy wanted to buy me food because of my birthday....what the hell is that??!!I refused a few times but he insisted,I can't strictly say no because he might think I hate him so much.I refuse because I don't want to feel guilty because of what I said about him behind his back,even though he deserve it but I'm still feeling bad....and the same as on last Chinese Newy Year,he asked me what I want to eat,I said I eat everything and I think he's going to buy KFC but I don't know exactly what...This is so "amazing"...I'm kinda worry that bad things might happen,you know but I really hope that nothing bad will happen...I was right,he bought me KFC..


Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm in a better mood today... :)..A bit worry about A,you know,based on my Facebook and Twitter updates.I'm afraid he might think it's for him when the truth is,it's not.I'm not saying that every time I wrote anything on my Facebook or Twitter,he would ask if it's for him,just once I think...but I'm worry he thinks it's for him,I don't mind if he ask me directly..I'm afraid he keeps it to himself and a conclusion..For example,you know that A and S are at somewhere far,right??and yes,I told him that I gonna miss him and S a few times and I updated my status by  writing "I miss you",but it's not for him or S but I'm worry he might think it's for him and think strangely...but I hope and believe that he's not gonna think that way...I've been thinking about other people too,what would they say when they saw it but I don't really care what they think because they don't really know..hopefully A or anybody wouldn't think negatively....


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Yesterday was exhausting because I did a lot of chores,I washed the dishes,my clothes,I took out the trash and I cooked for lunch...but it's quite awesome..and healthy for me.....LOL.. *showing my teeth*..Today,A will be going to Pahang,it's been advanced,supposedly on 14th sad is that??but he said that he will be home maybe once every 2 weeks..."amazing".. :( BTW,I watched a few scenes from 'Romeo and Juliet(1968)',the guy that played Romeo looks kinda like Zac Efron,not exactly but almost....I told A to text me before he leave but he haven't text me yet....Well,A already arrived at his University this morning,after I'm the one who text him...Now,I'm alone here,not in the shop,I mean here,at my place...I totally understand how Eragon felt when Roran left... :(..When I think about it again,I'm not so sure if I could start reading 'Inheritance Cycle' again,it's not just it's long but it's kinda hard to start over,you know..but we'll see about it...Not in a very good mood.I bought 'Eragon' with me,I read a few pages,even though it cheers me up a bit but I'm still not happy about parting with A and S... :(


Monday, June 11, 2012


Supposedly,tomorrow is the day I will meet G but she haven't text me yet.Maybe she decide not to do it...who knows,right??...but I don't mind if we didn't meet but I hope we will because I want to tell her about what I told you guys,face to face,better than texting or a call,that would be a bit rude..don't you think??...BTW,S already went back to Penang yesterday and A would be going to Pahang next week.. :( and I will be alone...but they will have a break for Eid Day on August... :)


Saturday, June 9, 2012


I haven't talk about 'It' for quite a long time,but a few days ago something happened and it remind me of 'It',I actually kinda miss 'It'..I don't know whether I should just let go or I should start talking to 'It' again and hope that 'It' reply...One other thing is,it's about G,you know that I'm not gonna be her boyfriend,right??It's funny because before this I sometimes imagine myself in a relationship but when someone want to be with me,I refuse..funny,right???



Yesterday was amazing!!Had fun with my family and my BFFs...I got a few presents,I got a new phone and I'm sure it's expensive :P ,from my sisters,I got a Bonia Polo-Shirt from my brother and his wife,got a mug from S and a fragrance candle(is it??) from A and money from my dad.. :)..I would like to thank all for the presents! :) *showing my teeth*..I'm waiting to be pick up by my sister.I spent most of the time online using my new phone... :)


Friday, June 8, 2012


Yesterday was great,though we didn't spent too much time...but it was fun,ate an Indonesian food restaurant,laughing like a drunk person,talked in the car while we went around town.. :) Thank you A and S for a great night and for the presents and for the delicious Tiramisu cake!.. *showing my teeth*..tonight,the party is at my house but it's a small one,just my family and I invited A and S.. :) BTW,I received a lot of birthday wishes by text,on Facebook and on Twitter,thank you so much,I really appreciate it..*showing my teeth*.Oh,I forgot to tell you all,I'm at work right now.. :( ...I think I will start reading 'Inheritance Cycle' again after I finish reading 'To Kill A Mockingbird',I know it's surprising,I didn't plan it before,I thought I will read it again after a few months but you know,I will resign in about 3 months,maybe I will be in a university or college or work at somewhere else,so might not have the time to read anything.That's why I decided to read again 'Inheritance Cycle' and try to finish all 4 books..wish me luck! *showing my teeth*..You know what,tonight,we'll not gonna celebrate only my birthday but with my nephew's birthday(which was last month)..WTH?!!so whatever...I didn't invite so many people because it's not like they'll come..but you know what,I'm just gonna have fun tonight,even though I have to go to work tomorrow but I will enjoy myself.. *showing my teeth*


Thursday, June 7, 2012


I started work an hour early,so yeah,I will be off work an hour early.. :)I'm alone right now...I don't know where A and S gonna take me tonight,it's a surprise I guess... *showing my teeth*..can't wait!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Yea!!I can online at home now because I bought a new broadband... :) and I also bought a new hand phone yesterday.. :P but it's nothing special,it's the cheapest I could find with a radio..I also learnt to play guitar on the internet but it's quite hard,it wasn't going anywhere but I did learn a few chord.. :).Yesterday was great! :)....Now,I'm at work :(.A and S planning to take me out tomorrow for my birthday :P but we'll see about it.I hope I could start work an hour early tomorrow,so that I could go home early and I can spend more time with my best friends.. :) and I hope everything will be fine,nothing bad will happen to ruin everything....I have this new habits where I like to write '*showing my teeth*',I don't know why but it's kinda funny,that's why I do it.I've done it a few times.It's strange,right??but I like it.. *showing my teeth*


Monday, June 4, 2012


Today,I'll b reviewing about 'Snow White and The Huntsman',I feel excited to watch this movie jut by looking at the cast,which is Kristen Steward,Chalize Theron and Chris Hemsworth,all are amazing actors.When I watch the movie itself,I was like "Wow,this movie is awesome,"I mean,I love the score,I the affects and the story line was well organized.Now lets talk about the characters,Kristen Steward,some people said that she would be like who she is,the girl with not expressions but in this movie,from my opinion,there was a little difference in her acting,she was not entirely expressionless(is it even a word?),so good job Kristen.Charlize Theron,she look very different,I don't know about other people but I never saw her act as an evil character,she was really evil in this movie,a bit scary I think...LOL..but she nailed it.Chris Hemsworth,well,his character is different from Thor but he is tough as he is.One other amazing thing is that the dwarfs   was actually a tall actors but they made them become short,it's amazing...Overall,the movie was great... :)


Yesterday was great!I online at Burger King for about 5 hours,then went out with A and S,ate at a steamboat restaurant,walked around The Curve Mall,argued in the car because we were lost and had a Root Beer Float at A&W and finally headed home.We arrived home at about 1 a.m. I really had fun yesterday,though we were like a nut-case in the car but still,it was great to spent time with them.. J.I’m at work right now.I’ve been thinking about G and me and I think I might not be with her as a couple,maybe as a friend but not as a couple because I know this is my first relationship,so I should take a risk as an experience but I think it’s too risky because I already know who she really is and besides it’s too early for me because I haven’t even really explore the outside world,you I guess I’ll pass but I could be her friend,if that’s ok with her...but if she refuse it(being friends),I’m fine with that... LOL

I didn’t start working an hour early today,I started like usual and baldy is here...You know what,I feel kinda glad that I’m not gonna be together with G as a couple,a friend,maybe...but I do,I do feel that mean I’m cruel??Actually,I don’t really care,you know because that  shows that I don’t have the same feelings as her...and actually,I don’t really know if she really likes me because it could be that she just want to use me...who knows,right??

I text with G yesterday night,well actually she text me first...LOL..and we talked but then we had a small argument about something that she made me promise not to tell anyone..but all I can say is maybe she’s jealous...but the argument didn’t last long because I told her to just close the page(means the  subject)and open a new one.Then,everything went ok...OMG!!I already got my salary..well,actually baldy is going to bank-in the money first,so maybe I could take it tomorrow..Yea!!...Hopefully nothing bad is going to happen,like an argument with baldy or something...BTW,baldy didn’t count the day that I went to Perak for my aunt’s funeral as an unpaid leave... J

5 more days until my birthday!! (6th June)LOL...Remember the Chinese boy that I mentioned before(in 'My Diary 2')???Well,he came again and again I thinking "Who's the guy that look almost the same as this boy?"..but as always,I couldn't remember...My plan for today buy a guitar with S!!!!!A couldn't come because he has something to do... :(.We might also watch a movie,'Snow White and The Huntsman'...LOL...I bought a guitar!! and we (me and S) watched 'Snow White and The Huntsman',that movie is awesome.... :)

I can't wait for Monday because it's my day off and I want to rest the whole day..but maybe I have to go to Burger King to online...BTW,I already accomplished one of my 2012 resolution(I'm not gonna tell you guys,you have to figure out yourself),there actually 19,so 18 more to go and some of it is in the process..LOL

You know what,I don't know what is my sister's problem but to her,every second is so precious so she can't even wait for 5 minutes for us to pick her up.I hate waiting but sometimes I just feel like why not wait for a few minutes,unless I have something to do but she doesn't have to do anything yesterday.She always said that she doesn't want to trouble us,so she just walk back home but I think it's actually she have this kind of disease where every second she spare for waiting is too precious,it's like losing money...LOL..or maybe she hates her job until she can't even stay there for a few minutes after her shift was's so weird,right??I was like "What?".We did argued yesterday but it didn't last long,so we're kinda ok..I guess.. :P..About 2 more hours before I get off work.I can't wait for this day to be over because I'm still worry about the spectacles...:O BTW,G text me yesterday,asked me about my birthday,which is I've told her a lot of times.Then she said we should meet next Monday(not tomorrow).I said why not tomorrow because I'm afraid if it's too late,I might be broke at the time...LOL...but she said if tomorrow,she's not ready...("What?")I told her,it's just a meet,not a job's funny,right??...Well,actually I understand because she has feelings for me,that's why...One other thing,we haven't decide where to meet,too many complication for her...