Sunday, October 18, 2015


I was thinking about something this morning..but I have to be honest with you,I'm not gonna detail about it,as usual and you might get a little confuse because I'm trying to be secretive...Anyhow,it's about how people change..I mean,people do change,I changed...a bit...I don't mind that,as long as you change to be better..but I don't know if it's true,but some people said that sometimes when you grow older,you lost your sense of humor...that's kinda scary,I hope it won't happen to me...Back to the main topic,I was actually thought that this person had lost the sense of humor,that it could be one of the reason why I don't talk about this person as much as before,well it was,I mean one of the reason why I don't talk about's kinda sad for me,to be honest...and since I first assumed that(which is quite a long time ago),I unintentionally found some resources that have sense of humor and it makes me happy and I forgot about my sadness..but from time to time,when it pops up,I feel bad for kinda "abandon",this morning,it pops again,but this time I tried to find the sense of humor in who that person is now....lucky enough,I found it...not for recently,but for a short time ago..still good enough for me...and I hope I would find a more recent one soon...