Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm in a better mood today... :)..A bit worry about A,you know,based on my Facebook and Twitter updates.I'm afraid he might think it's for him when the truth is,it's not.I'm not saying that every time I wrote anything on my Facebook or Twitter,he would ask if it's for him,just once I think...but I'm worry he thinks it's for him,I don't mind if he ask me directly..I'm afraid he keeps it to himself and a conclusion..For example,you know that A and S are at somewhere far,right??and yes,I told him that I gonna miss him and S a few times and I updated my status by  writing "I miss you",but it's not for him or S but I'm worry he might think it's for him and think strangely...but I hope and believe that he's not gonna think that way...I've been thinking about other people too,what would they say when they saw it but I don't really care what they think because they don't really know..hopefully A or anybody wouldn't think negatively....