Saturday, May 27, 2017


Hey guys! It’s me again!

It’s the first day of Ramadhan. I’m so excited because in about a month we’ll be celebrating Eid Fitri!

But well that’s not the topic I wanna share this week....

Actually I don’t have any specific topic to write about this week. So I’m just gonna share some random stuff that cross my mind.


So one of the thing that’s been in my head, beside my brain...haha..

I’m so funny, right?



So the thing is it’s almost the end of May of 2017 and I feel like I didn’t do much more stuff than I thought I would do because earlier this year, my plan was to do more things to generate money or expanding my passion, but mostly to generate money....but apparently I don’t. I don’t really know why and I’m not trying to blame my job because I feel like if I’m determine about it I should’ve done no matter what.

So yeah, that’s the thing.....but now I will try my best to do it, though I might have to sacrifice a few things but I had to try.


One other that popped into my head is something that I have to decide, I mean, I could just ignore it and continue living my daily ordinary life but I think I shouldn’t or I couldn’t just ignore it.


I just wish something happen that would make it easier for me to decide, I mean, I could just push away all the aspects and make my choice but I’m 25 years old now (almost) so I have to be mature and make a mature decision.

Well suddenly this week’s post has become a therapy session.

But a one way communication...

Wait, that’s exactly how a therapy session goes.

Not that I know about it.

*me trying to look away*

But to be honest, I don’t have cheerful topics to talk about since nothing happy really happened to me lately.

However, hopefully I’ll get good news in a couple of weeks.

So I guess that’s all for this week.

I hope you enjoy reading this not so much post.

This week I wanna what you want me to write about next week.

I really am running out of ideas!

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Love Always,

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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Hey guys! It’s me!

So this week I thought I wanna share something I kinda sorta an expert on that relate to relationship and love.

My life is sad.

Deal with it.

So okay, these signs go for both guys and girls, no matter what your sexual preferences are because it’s always the same.

Without wasting any time, here we go.

1.       Almost everyone you meet or talk to somehow remind you of that person you like. Either it’s the way they look or the way they talk or the way they laugh or the advices those people you meet give you, it will remind you of him/her.

2.       You stalk them on social media, of course, and you will like or save or download or screenshot almost all of his/her photos, especially a photo of them sleeping and even those with them showing their ugly face, because for you it looks cute. Which bring us to,

3.       You smile by yourself like a crazy person when you see his/her photos, and not just to those funny photos but to all of them. And you also smile whenever you see something that relate to whatever he/she said. For example, he/she said something about a mirror, so whenever you see a mirror, you smile because he/she mentioned about it 3 years ago.

4.       Whenever you hear a love song that you like, you imagine either him/her sing it to you or you sing it to them.

5.       You will try to find even a slight similarity between you 2 even though it’s just 5% similar. You’ll feel so happy to know about it.

6.       When he/she gives an advice and sometimes not directly to you, but you feel so motivated and so happy until you smile with tears in your eyes and you feel like everything is bright and clear, even though that advice is more or less the same advice your parents gave you like 2 days before.

7.       Lastly, when you’re alone, not doing anything and suddenly you smile for no other reason than just because you’re thinking about them.

So there you go, signs that you’re in love. If you experiencing one or all of this signs, that means you are in fact, IN LOVE, my friend.

I don’t know if I have wrote this before but honestly, I’m happy when my family or friends said that they really like someone or in love with someone. I’m not being sarcastic or anything. It’s the truth.

Whenever they say that, I’ll smile and, I don’t know, I just feel happy. Of course, unless they’re being annoying about it or them being in love cause misery to me, then no, I hope they die.....just kidding.

Mentioning that, I really don’t understand some people that can be selfish when they’re in love. I mean, I know you’re in love but do you have to push everyone away or expect everyone to put 100% of their attention to you or your interest.

And I also don’t understand people who despite other people that are in love, unless the guy/girl that people like is a bad person. I mean, come on, if you’re jealous or somewhat not happy when other people are in love, can you just let them be or pretend as if they don’t exist?

Okay, now I’m off topic again.

So back to the happy part.

So, that is 7 signs you’re in love.

Okay guys, that’s all for this week.

So this week I wanna know, have you or are you experiencing any of these signs?  Is there any part that I missed out? Let me know what I should post about next week.

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Love Always,

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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Hey guys!

Please don’t freak out when you read the title. Don’t worry, I’m alright, I’m not physically hurt or something.

Initially I wanted to share about what happened last week as my last week’s post but decided to do the ‘A Letter to My Future Child(ren)’ instead because I don’t want to think about what happened and just enjoy my weekend.

But then I feel like I should share it this week because some of you might want to know why I was all serious and quite most of the time last week and at the beginning of this week.

So, as usual, I will not go details about it.

Typical me.

Let me start by telling you how I felt at the beginning of last week. I found out something a few days before, so I was feeling pissed off a bit. And then it was added with me arguing with one of my sister. And of course, the next day I had to go to work and which resulting with me feeling more depress.

I texted A and S about how I feel regarding my job and I feel like I don’t have a heart on it anymore, which I still am. And a few hours later, I found out that I have somehow screwed up big time (job related).

To be honest, I felt like jumping off a building or something. It was so much worse than calling my boss a booger.

So since that, I was kinda loose my focus on everything. I can’t think of anything else. But I didn’t tell my family or anyone because first, it’s my problem and second, I don’t want them to be too worry about me.

But then, at one point last week, I felt like I really wanna talk to someone, but apparently I was broke and both A and S were busy. So I had to kept it to myself and just try not to do anything stupid.

And guys, don’t worry, I didn’t. As most of you might already know that I’m still alive, otherwise how could I have post this, right?

Unless, if I’m a ghost.

*Playing spooky soundtrack at the back*

Just kidding.

Come on you guys, you know me, I always find a way to be happy or suppressed it down in my soul. And I am feeling better right now, though I’m not sure it was because of what my boss said or that I somehow managed to find things that made me happy. And I finally got to let it out by talking to A this week.

So yeah, that’s basically what happened last week, though the thing that I screwed up is still not yet solved but let’s hope it will soon.

But yeah, that’s all I got for you this week. Sorry that you had to read my boring post this week. I promise I will post something more fun next week.

So this week I wanna know, have you ever been in this situation? Let me know how you deal with it.

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Love Always,

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