Monday, July 23, 2012

MY DIARY (117)

First day of fasting...If you read 'I'm kinda worry',then you should know my situation now and you should know that I will try to be happy again.. :) ..I break fast at work.I ate 3 chocolate wafer and a mineral water..sad,isn't it??..LOL..Tomorrow will be the same.. *showing my teeth*

Tomorrow would be my day off..yea!!!!..:)..I have finished reading 'Eragon' for the second time and today I brought 'Eldest' with me.. *showing my teeth*



Lately,I've been a bit grumpy,though I try not to but the thing is,I'm worry that it will happen again.I know all of you must be wondering what will happen again.Let me tell you this,it happened about 2 years ago,a few weeks after I dropped off college.It'd all started with me being mad at my sister,but I don't remember why.You see,when I'm mad at someone,I will go to my room,listening to music or just laying while reading books and when I went out of my room,I'm not gonna talk to anyone.This is how I cool down myself.Usually this thing will remain for a day or 2 but the different when it happened 2 years ago,is that I was kinda enjoy it,being isolated.So it last for a couple more days but then it became kinda a part of myself because suddenly I didn't feel like laughing or talking to my family.It continued on for a few more days and later I decided to try to be myself again because being isolated,not enjoying life,that's not me.Yes,I am not very talkative and maybe not very friendly but that's because I'm shy with strangers.For those who knows me,knows how I am.Then,finally a few days after I decided to be myself again,I became myself again...but now,I'm kinda worry that it might happen again but hopefully not and I will try my best to be myself..wish me luck...