Friday, November 30, 2012

MY DIARY (171)

I’m still not as cheerful as I thought I would be...too bad...I got a text from one of the college that I applied and I got accepted but I have to start my class this December and I must send a kinda like agreement letter 7 days after the date of the offer,which is tomorrow...Ok,maybe it’s my mistake for not checking it before and I thought I would never get accepted after I failed the first time I checked and I was planning to apply again but I was waiting for teh opening day...Now I don’t know what to do....I’ve checked and I have to register on 9th or 10th of December.....I’ve talked to my sisters and they gave me a few opinion but still,the decision is in my hand and right now,I don’t know what to yeah,I have a decision to make....My sisters asked me to watch ‘Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn Part 2’ with them tonight but I refused,I told them that I’m just tired but the truth is,I don’t think I could focus watching that movie when I have a huge decision to make.....Right now,I’m a little bit confuse because at first,my sister acted like I should take the offer but then,my other sister asked me if I’m ready to take the course and just now,I think they think I want it but I looked stress because it’s too soon and I was worry about the finance or something,when the truth is,I kinda decide to not take it because it’s too rushing and I don’t think I’m ready but maybe it’s a silly thing to do and I don’t wanna let my family,I’m really,really confuse and stressfull.... :(