Saturday, May 30, 2015


I apologize for not updating anything for a couple of weeks...and yet,you all still keep on viewing,I really appreciate that.So now I'm gonna wrap up what happened since last week in 150 words or less...maybe....All I could say is my fifth semester has ended and fortunately I managed to answer the questions on my last paper with confident..sorta...I was supposed to go out with Y on that last day but I totally forgot about it and she had to go home to pick her sister from school.My other classmates did asked me and NZ to join them hang out but W was packing up his stuff with his family and NZ decided to help and he did,so we had to pass that either.Maybe I will hang out with them one day but I did made a promise(you could say that)with K that we will find a time to hang out together.So,that's what happened last week,for this week,so far,I had a part time job for like 6 days at this apparel shop in a new mall,so I help them setting up their shop...honestly,it was a tiring job..but it's good money...though it's not so much but I'm grateful..One more thing is,I still haven't got a place to perform my internship and supposedly I should give my college the placement confirmation today but I had to pass that too but don't worry,I'm still looking for a place and I will find it....well that's mostly what happened this,I'm gonna stop here for now..BTW,thanks for viewing my blog and keep on viewing because once I reach 15k pageviews,I will do the second livestream!