Friday, January 10, 2014


I'm currently at the hospital,taking care of my dad with my oldest brother.He fell on the floor late last night,at first we thought it wasn't so bad but when he said it hurts to move his left leg,we suspected that it might be broken or something...So we took him to the hospital and was confirmed that he has a fractured on his left hip...He is now admitted at the hospital but he's ok,not in a coma or something...I didn't sleep for about 24 hours but luckily on the evening my other brother and sisters came and finally I got to rest but for only a couple of hours...Though it's embarrassing but I have to tell you that I did cried for like 3 times but my family didn't see because I don't want them to anyway...I'm not sure yet if I want to register for my college tomorrow since I'm with my dad until tomorrow morning and God knows if I could get a chance to sleep...but we'll see about that...I don't plan on telling A and S yet since they are in college and I don't wanna worry them...but maybe I would tell them over the weekend...

I remember that once my dad did one of the things that I will never forget my whole life.It happened when I was quite young,maybe around 7 or 8,I think..I don't really remember how it'd happened but remember that it was late night and someone was sleeping on bed and I was freaking sleepy so I decided to sleep in one of our bedroom that's empty and there was no fan but slept there anyway because I was too tired and you know what my dad did?He came into the bedroom and he made a fan from a newspaper,he moved his hand from left to right,so quickly and hence there's wind,so that I won't be sleeping uncomfortably..I will never forget that moment...that's why I love my dad... :) The reason I'm telling you this is not because he's dying or anything,just to tell you how nice my dad is...