Sunday, February 26, 2012


Rest for a while before continue checking,not so much left,for now...but I know I will have to do it again soon.... :( Hopefully for another month or so.. :)..Ok,I will continue reading 'Eldest' while I still have time....

I hate baldy!!!you know why??Let me tell you why,I was just finish moping the floor and you know what,he walked around the floor with his dirty shoe and he left dirt on the floor..what the hell is he thinking??!!I mean,he knew and saw I was moping but still,he walked around.I almost explode but I won't because I already have a plan for payback.. :) I will put something on something that,lets say goes inside his body..LOL..I'm looking for a right time to do it....I feel so evil right now...Ok,time for 'Eldest'.. ;) Honestly,I'm telling you guys that the song 'Keep holding on' by Avril Lavigne is the only song in baldy's track that give the strength to stay here...and money,of course.If not because of those 2,I think I'd already quit my job..Sad news,my dad just lost one of his close friends.My family know him,we met him a couple of time and now he's dead.I couldn't imagine how my dad feels but he's a strong guy and besides,this is not the first time he lost a close friend.I do feel sad for my dad but he's ok,his taking the news calmly.He's a strong guy and I'm proud of him.. :) I didn't do any checking thing today because baldy was sitting on his chair at his table,almost the entire day.So I took this chance to read 'Eldest' and I'm almost towards the end,1 chapter left.This book is amazing,a lot of surprises and also a sad and excited moments.Tomorrow would be the day I finish checking,for now and also the day I finish reading 'Eldest',,wish me luck!!!

OMG!!Tomorrow is the Academy Award..can't wait ti watch it.. :).....My dad's friend isn't dead,it was a fouls alarm.."amazing",right??..He's not dead,my aunt gave us a wrong information or maybe a miscommunication  but the thing is,he's not wonder my dad didn't look sad when I got home yesterday night..funny story,huh???...I'v finish reading 'Eldest'..kinda sad you know because I've been reading it for about 3 weeks and now,I'm done..gonna read the next book,start from page one again...kinda hard because I've read 1000 pages but I'm excited to find out what happen next.. :)...I'm done I thought,but no...I have to continue for another stack of records....God,this is killing me....but better now than delaying it for too long and I might get lazier....but I'm happy because tomorrow is my day off!!....


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Back to work..I've been thinking about quiting my job but I haven't tell anyone yet.The reason for it,well,I think you guys could understand why...he's(my boss)such an asshole because he never really appreciate me,maybe he did but for once or twice...I'm not asking him to treat me like a king,just appreciate me as a human that willing to help him.Like I said before,if he want the give-and-take thing,he's definitely wrong because the only thing that he give is salary,while I give him respect,labour and loyalty..I don't really think I could stay here for a long period,I might quit after a few months.I just can't work with someone who don't appreciate me...Today,I'll continue checking stuff and I'll try to finish as many as I could so that I don't have to sit at his table anymore...

Still haven't finish yet,a lot more to go.According to my plan if anything goes wrong,I could finish it by the end of the work or earlier...hopefully nothing will go wrong..I'm now at page 826.. :)

Stop checking for a while (I hope) because baldy's sister wants to explain something to him about the documents in the computer.I think she works as a computer programmer or something..So,I'm gonna take this chance to read 'Eldest',the story is getting interesting...stopped at page 844..still haven't finish checking but not so much left... :)


Monday, February 20, 2012


I still haven't finish checking our customers' record,just a little bit left.So,I want to finish it today and hope that baldy wouldn't want me to type or checking anything for a while.It's not that I'm lazy,just that the computer is on his table with all the other stuff,so it's kinda cramp with him walking around taking this,taking's not comfortable.So,that's why I don't want to do anymore checking or typing stuff...let's hope I don't have to do this thing for a few months.. :P Sadly,I have to continue checking and typing a lot more records,"thanks" to baldy but I'm determine to finish it by the end of next week..wish me luck you guys!....Still haven't finish,a lot more to go through...I took my chances to read 'Eldest' and now I'm at page 808... :)


Saturday, February 18, 2012


I communicated with a customer (what a big step,hah??)well,actually she's the one that asked me questions.She's Chinese woman and she works as a human resource,so that's how they roll,I mean that's why she asked me a lot of questions but it's a good thing,helped me communicate better and she's nice...don't think I like her because she came with her annoying boyfriend (it's true,he is annoying)..we talked about a lot of stuff and it's great to communicate with someone..I wanna tell you guys that Zac Efron has Facebook and Twitter now but I'm not sure whether he's gonna write everything or just his go now to Twitter and Facebook!!!...


Friday, February 17, 2012


I was thinking about making a video for 'My Blog',you know,instead of writing,I talk on video and upload it here but the problem is,I hate my voice,I hate the way I look,I hate the way I talk and I'm not very good in communicating with,I guess I'm not gonna post a video of myself for the moment but maybe I will post a lot more pictures of myself.I know said before that I don't wanna do it but I think this is the way I could increase my level of confident,right??So,wish me luck you guys.... :) And now,I'm gonna continue checking our customers' records....

I think I will post more pictures here but haven't get any idea yet....Wow,EURO 2012 will be starting soon..I know I didn't tell you guys this before but yes,I am a football/soccer fan.My favourite country is England,even though they didn't do well on World Cup 2 years ago but I'm still a big fan...and I also support Portugal and Italy.My favourite club would be Manchester United,of course and FYI,they're no. 2 in EPL!! and I believe will be no. 1 again... :) Ok,enough of soccer,if I keep on going,there wouldn't be enough pages.... :P I stopped reading 'Eldest' at page 780... Sadly,I haven't finish checking yet.Hopefully I could finish it tomorrow... :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday I hang out was fun,walking around,did a little shopping and then,ate @Kenny Rogers..It's a bit awkward eating there by yourself but I don't mind that.What I do mind is,you see,the person that served me was a girl,she's not pretty and she didn't acted like she likes me.So,after I paid my meal,I did something that to me is so arrogant...I left some tips,quite a lot (I think) because I feel like if I didn't,I'm afraid she might think I'm a cheapskate (what the hell was that???).After I left,I was "What was I thinking?"I feel like a giant ass..I called A right after that.I told him everything and he said "It's ok.There's nothing arrogant about that,"I felt relief but still,I hope I didn't do it just because I'm afraid of being judge by people.I'm not regret leaving that tips but I regret of my intense of living doing it...but well,people makes mistakes..BTW,thanks A for helping me out and I had fun anyway.... :) I stopped reading 'Eldest' at page 726....

Do u know why people do something that they knew it's a mistake but they did it anyway??It's either curiosity or stupidity but I think most of people did it because of stupidity,especially those who ponder after they realize that it is a mistake.Do you know why I'm sure about it???Because I'm one of those people who did something that I knew it will be a mistake,for example,with 'It',I knew that 'It' wouldn't reply but still I write to 'It',isn't that just stupid???And you know what,I did it again,this morning and I know it will be the same thing but I did it anyway because of my stupidity...I just wish that someone could slap me in the face and tell me how stupid I am....Now,I have to check our customers' record,which is a lot..OMG,I hate this.... :( I stopped at page 750...


Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today,I'll be continue on reading 'Eldest',still got about 600 pages to go.. :) I've stopped for today at page 450... :P

Yesterday I didn't write anything because I was so busy checking our stock list.I didn't even get the chance to read 'Eldest'..So,I planned that today I would finish checking the stock but "amazingly",I don't know how but our computer is jammed.So now,I'm just waiting for it to be fix and I don't know how long will it take...I'm hoping that I could finish it today because I don't want to be stuck with it.As you all know,like before,I'm not at my own seat,so I miss my own chair and the view,that's why I decided to finish it today but now,the computer has a problem..."great"...I'm almost finish checking the stock but because it's almost time for me to go home,my boss asked me to take a break(I think so),so now I'm just waiting for my sister to pick me up..hopefully I could finish it by tomorrow...

I've never told you guys this before but I just want to make today sort of a memory,so I'm gonna tell you guys that my sisters have a cats and they are gonna send their cats to a shelter today.Which is not so cheap,RM100 per cat and my sister have 8,so do the math....It's a good place but too expensive.They send it anyway because this is the only place that they didn't kill the today,before 4 o'clock,my sisters' cats will be send away but I wouldn't be there because my break is at 4,so I guess no....I haven't finish checking stock in the computer yet but I will finish it wish me luck... :) ...Funny story,the cats is still at my house because the person in charge to take the cats to the shelter isn't arrive yet,maybe around 5 o'clock.."amazing",right???...Yea!!free at last,I'm done checking stock thing but hopefully baldy(my boss)will not ask me to do any typing stuff...and now,I can read 'Eldest' in peace...:)

I've watched 'Eragon' movie this morning on my laptop.I asked A to download it for me.I've watched before,a few years back when I didn't knew that it was from a book.When I watch it this morning,I looked at it in a different way,I mean before this I watched it as if was just an awesome adventure movie but now,I watched it and thinking how amazing the story is and how they can interpreted from a book to a was fantastic... :) ..I met a woman,she's actually our customer.She's gorgeous and most of all she's nice and polite and soft spoken..and she's Malay but she's older than me,8 years different..but she's pretty..I'll never forget her... :P I've done reading 'Eldest' until page 620... :)


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


There's 2 things that I found out yesterday.First,the Inheritance Cycle has 4 books not 3.The first book is 'Eragon',second is 'Eldest'(which is the one I'm reading right now),third is 'Brisingr' and forth is 'Inheritance'.So,I bought the third book yesterday because I'm afraid it might sold out.Second thing that I found out was that Zac Efron,he said to Glamour Magazine that he cried 10 times while watching 'Toy Story 3',which is to me is one of the saddest movie I've ever watch,I mean second because 'War Horse' is more,that's it.The 2 things that I found out.Right now,I have this feeling that I don't even know what it is,I mean,I don't know whether it's excitement or nervousness or happiness or anything but I kinda like it.The only problem is I can't focus reading but I do hope nothing bad will happen that might ruin it.....I've finish 400 pages of 'Eldest' already... :)


Sunday, February 5, 2012


S is here for the holiday and he asked me out with A.He wanted to watch 'War Horse',so I said ok but right now,I'm just waiting for A's reply..The actual plan was that the 3 of us hang out on Monday because it's a public holiday but sadly,S have to go to Melaka to visit his relative and he'll b going back to his University on Tuesday,so the plan is definitely canceled.. :( Tonight,me and S are gonna watch a movie,A couldn't com because his dad said that he went out too many times..I don't blame his father because maybe he's just worry but I do feel guilty because before this I always wanted to hang out with him...So maybe I'm one of the reason that he often went out.So,just me and S,watching 'War Horse'..we got back home late because the movie finish late....

Yesterday,I stopped reading 'Eldest' at page 270 if I'm not mistake.So today I will continue reading it... :) I bought a "dragon",well it's actually a toy but it's not exactly what I expected it to look like.It was like a Lego but better looking and it's not just a dragon but it's with a rider.I'll show you the picture...



The movie 'War Horse' is amazing,well it was directed by Steven Spielberg,so you shouldn't be so surprise but I do feel quite surprise that it didn't win anything in Golden Globe Award,I mean I don't expect it to win best picture but at least something...maybe in Academy Award.This movie is amazing because it have the element of humor,sadness and tragic I might say and it also teach us the valuable lesson in life,that is to not give up hope no matter how hard it is or how risky it is but never give up...I could say that this is the saddest movie I've watched so far..but I didn't cry,I conclude that this movie worth to watch.


Today,I'll be reviewing the movie 'Chronicle'.From my point of view,I think this is a low budget movie because it looks like their using 1 camera for the whole movie...if you watch it,you'll understand what I mean and there is a part that they didn't really explain but all I can say is,this freaking awesome! because it have a few action,suspense and funny scenes and sad scene too..What makes it more interesting is that it makes you feel like you were there in the movie..I mean,the sounds,the it's kinda  awesome.The actors,they acted like they are the characters,I mean it's like it happen to them in real life.Overall,this movie is great.If you like watching mystery or supenatural movies,you should 'Chronicle'.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I'm still with  my serious face and hoping that nothing bad will happen....I'm planning on watching movies but haven't decide what movie yet and hopefully my salary is already in the bank..Times move a bit slow today,I don't know how's that possible but yeah,I feel the time move kinda slow...maybe because I don't feel happy working here anymore but who knows,right???..I have  finish reading 'Eragon'...overall,the story is...AMAZING!..can't wait to read the second book...

Yesterday after I got off work,me and sister went to watch a movie.At first,we planned to watch 'Journey 2' but it was on 3D and kinda expensive,so we decided to watch 'Chronicle' which is quit expensive but cheaper than 'Journey 2' because yesterday was the premier day...but it was worthy because that movie is awesome!!...before we went to the movie I bought the second book of Inheritance which is 'Eldest' the sequel of 'Eragon'...I bring it to work..can't wait to start reading it...:) I already started reading it,about 60 pages now... :)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I just wish I get my salary today so that I could go watch a movie tomorrow and also it will make me times like this that make me hope that my boss isn't here for the whole day.I also hope that something good happen that makes me happy again...Yea!!!I'll get my salary tomorrow and I think I wanna watch a movie,by myself or maybe if my sister wanna join me too... :) "Great",now he's giving me money because of Chinese New Year,they call it 'Ang Pau' I'm feeling a bit guilty because I was not happy before but I'm gonna continue on being serious because I'm worry we might argue again later..hopefully we will never argue again....