Saturday, December 30, 2017


Hey guys! It’s me!

So, in like a couple of days, we’ll be in 2018!


To be honest, I’m both scared and excited at the same time. I’m scared because I feel I didn’t accomplish much this year, big or small, but I’m excited because it’s a new year and I’ll have a whole entire year for a chance to accomplish more things.

Anyway, that is not the topic I wanted to share with you all this week. It is something entirely different. And this time, I have to give credits to one of the most popular Youtuber, Mr. Connor Franta for indirectly giving me the idea to do this post. So as return, I'll share the link to his Youtube channel.

So, without wasting anytime, let’s start, the things that shouldn’t be in 2018.

1.       Jaywalker.
I’m not suggesting that there shouldn’t be a pedestrian in 2018; it’s just those people who walk as if there’s no other vehicle on the road. And they cross the street with ever so gently, thinking like there’s no car or motorbike, when in fact they can see the vehicle coming. I mean, come on, can’t you see the different between a car and a rhino? If a rhino, yes, you can walk as slow as you want because rhinos are slow too, but it’s a car for God sake.

2.       Horrible drivers
Related to the road topic, are the horrible drivers. I think the country could use some peace on the road in 2018. Just let those horrible drivers in this year. BTW, I just remembered something Barney Stinson said, “Chinese can’t drive”....haha...Though most of the things that came out of his mouth are ridiculous, but I have to agree with him on that matter.

3.       Petrol price
I know this might sounds stupid because this is actually involving a few countries, but can we just stop this ‘Price change every week’ thing and to not do bring it to 2018? Because to be honest, it’s not really helpful.

4.       Annoying video
Oh my God! Can we just leave all those annoying video trend in 2017? It’s funny how annoying people can be and it’s “amazing” how millions of people watched it. Like, really? Sometimes the video is so annoying, until it looks stupid. I’m not trying to be all snobby, but I don’t watch that kind of videos, my sisters did. So let’s just let the trend die in 2017.

5.       Bad movies
Some people might not agree with me because for them those bad movies could be entertaining.  I can accept if the main subject or the technology of the movie is not so good, though it’s highly possibly I might not watch, but there are some movies that are very, very bad, like the actors were poorly cast, the plot of the story wasn’t well arranged, the quality of the movie was more like a TV movie instead of a big screen movie, and the list goes on and on. So let’s leave it in 2017.

6.       Expensive public transport fare
Lastly, this. Can the government just stop the “trend” of increasing the public transport fare in this year? I mean, how can the people use the public transport when the expenses are more than driving their own car or motorbike? So let’s make 2018 the year when the fare stop increasing. J

So, that’s all I got for you guys this week. I guess I’ll write again next year.

Have a great holiday guys!

This week I wanna know what else am I missing on this post? What are your holiday plans?

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Love Always,

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