Saturday, February 2, 2013


I'm in college for like 3 weeks now.I got a few assignments to do.. "amazing"...Everything is ok so far...but I miss my best friends,I haven't call or text them for a while now...Funny story,there's these 2 senior(but they are younger than me),girls,wanna be friends with me(awkward),they texted me a couple of times,just talking...but it's ok,maybe I could refer to them if I don't understand something.. :)...About the girl that I mentioned before,my sisters kept teasing me with her,like they think I have a feelings for her or something...owh,please...I don't like,like her...we're just friends...OMG!I have a presentation tomorrow morning!..I'm so nervous...I've done it before(presentation) but it didn't went so well,so I'm worry it might goes the same..but hopefully not..wish me luck...

OMG!Something scary just happened in my class.It was on the first class..ok,I'm just gonna be straight of my classmates,a girl,was possessed by a demon or a ghost,I don't know.It was a bit terrifying for me because it was the first time I ever saw something like this happen right in front of me,not to mention that she pushed my table until it fell down with my other stuff...they said it happened because that thing was in the class but later,they said they saw it in the girls' hostel....actually they(the girls) was being disturbed since a few days ago and so is a few guys at our hostel..thanked God it didn't happen to me..lets hope it will never happen to me...I've said to myself and my sister before that if I'm being disturb by that thing,I will not gonna stay here anymore,even the slightest disturbance...

I couldn't sleep well last night,I don't know why,maybe because I was thinking too much about that thing,since we(me and a few of my classmates) talked about it last night...I can't wait for tomorrow,though I have to go home late afternoon tomorrow because there will be a briefing about our student loan that I want to apply.. "amazing"...BTW,I really hope I can sleep well tonight and any other night..