Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I just wanna share something with you see,something happened to me while I was at home the other that made me realized how much I have given up just to be in college and where I am right now...and I know some of it are the bad stuff but some of it are the things that make me happy..I won't list what they are but it's quite a lot...I'm not regretting that I let those things go but it kinda make me sad,remembering the moments of my happiness and the time where I stayed up late and just be in my own world,looking at the people who helped me be happy...the times when I don't have to think about assignments or my duty as a class rep or dealing with my horrible and annoying college friends...that's why I sometimes kinda pissed off when my friends said something or do something that makes me mad..because I feel like,I have given up so much to be here and I have to put up with these assholes?It's just not fair.Why should I be here with these people when I should be with the people who make me happy?....But the truth is,even though those things are the best things but sometimes we have to let go of it for a better future...though it breaks your heart but you have to make that sacrifice to help make yourself become a better person in life and in education...But anyhow,I am feeling sorta sad right now because of what happened the other day that reminded me of all the good memories I had before I registered to college...but don't worry,I'm fine...I am sad but I'm alright.. :')


Tonight is the night,my Dean's List Award...pretty excited...hopefully everything will go well... :) 

I had a great time last was fun...even though I didn't get enough sleep because we arrived home at midnight... :) Today,on our last class,my classmates/housemates,didn't attend,it was just me and a few of ,y classmates and also,long story short,since I don't have any transportation to get to my new house,Y offered me to ride with her,I said no at first because I'm not used to get in the car with a girl that I'm not really close to but after she asked me for a couple more time,I finally said,she sent me to my new house and she asked me,why I don't like to ride in a car with girls,and I said "no,I'm not...I ride with my college girlfriends...but I just don't like to get in a car with a girl I'm not used to" and then she said okay....I also found out that she have a crush with a guy but I'm not sure whether it's the same guy as before or is it a new one...but she said to me "Don't worry,he didn't even look at me",I was like messing with her,saying like poor you...but in a funny way...but then,I realized,why does she said "Don't worry"?Does she thinks I still like her? O.o...or maybe she was just joking or something...hopefully...