Friday, December 16, 2011


I didn't go to work today,still tired from unpacking my bags and travelling... :P but I will go tomorrow...eventhough I feel like I didn't have enough rest...Right now,I feel like a school boy on Sunday..I really hope I don't have to go to work tomorrow... :(

I didn't go to work today(again)...well,actually I told my boss that I was sick yesterday,so today I was going to the clinic for my MC but it was too many patient in the clinic....I tried looking for other clinics but it was the either way,I have to I was waiting,it almost 12 which I have to go to works and my turn still not coming to see the doctor..So,I have to tell my boss that I was still sick...Then,I got 2 days MC...Amazing!!!...but actually I do feel a little headache and fatigueness...but it's nothing,maybe just the heat from the sun..

I go to work today..I gave my MC to my boss and I'm acting like someone who's recovering from boss was asking me "Are you ok?"....I'm such a good actor.... LOL

I've start reading chapter 23 now,it's getting interesting....Actually,I'm not in a very good mood these couple of days...I don't really know feel like I'm loosing someone or something that I care about :( but you can't loose something that you didn't have,right??I just don't know why...I listened to a sad songs,I don't feel like's weird,,,hopefully this feelings will go away and making myself happy again....I've finished reading chapter!that was fast.....