Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yea!!Tonight 'The Lord of The Ring:The Return of The King' will be on tv...but hopefully I won't get sleepy like last week..LOL...I've been planning to gain y weight but I haven't start it.Maybe I'll start tomorrow..wish me luck,you all!!..Oh,I forgot to tell you guys that I used my own pic on Facebook but the funny thing is,the picture is from my behind..LOL..but I think I'll change to my other picture today or later..I stopped at page 434...

I watched 'Lord of The Ring' until the end yesterday,even though I was struggling to not fall asleep..LOL..About my plan on gain my weight,actually i'm planning to exercise and eat a lot more.I haven't start exercising but I've started to eat more.I think I will start exercise on Monday because it's my day off...I have this questions that's been in my head.If we like someone,do we want them to reply our texts or messages??If they don't reply,should we send as many as we could until they reply??Or just keep on liking them and don't even care whether they reply or not??The thing is,what if they reply but later your feelings for them  become lesser??What if that happen??Wouldn't we be regretting it later??..See,this is the questions that's been in my head and I don't have the answer to it...ARGHH!!..I stopped at page 471...