Saturday, May 19, 2012


Back to work...I already gave baldy my aunt's death certificate for prove but baldy don't look mad or pist off about what happened.So,I guess problem solved...but there's another coming because the spectacles is still here,I don't know when he'll pick it up but I hope another week or two,after everything's cool down and of course when I'm not here......I've watched a tv movie title 'Neverland',it's a 2 part movie,I watched it last Thursday actually.It was amazing,though the affect is not so great because it's a low budget movie but all and all,it's quite awesome.Another new movie that I watched was 'A Cinderella Story:Once Upon A Song',it was great.I watched it on Sunday,the last day I was in Cameron Highlands.The movie was great because it's musical(the songs was awesome)and it also has a few funny parts.So it's kinda amazing....