Monday, November 19, 2012

MY DIARY (166)

Today is A's birthday,so HAPPY BIRTHDAY A!!!!...I'm getting better,I mean happier... :) ..Yesterday,I was being friendly and said hi(through Facebook) to the girl that I mentioned in 'My Diary (118)' and she replied and we talked and then she asked me if I remember her and I said no but then,she told me what name people call her,there were a few and one of it hit me because I called her that name and then I remember that we had a study group or something together in primary school but that is all I remember about her,I wish I could remember more.Then we talked some more.....Today,I talked with A on Facebook and on phone.A told me something great about what happened to him but I'm not gonna write it here,it's too personal for him....but I'm happy for him.. :) ..I miss spending time with A and S but maybe we will again soon... :)

I'm practicing with my guitar for almost everyday lately and actually I'm getting better.. :P ..I think I'm happier from day to day..... :) ...On our way to a wedding,just now,my dad remind me(accidentally) about the highway incident(in 'My Diary (162)') because there was a car that look kinda the,I was sort of turn off because of it and I was quite for a while but then at the wedding,there was like a "red carpet" moment because I met someone from my high school who said hi to me first :P and then,after that,I find a solution on how to not being too grumpy or too quite or bother about the incident,is to think happy thoughts and today I sort of manage to do it but the happy thought is not the "red carpet" thing,it was something else... :)