Monday, May 21, 2012


I heard the song 'Graduation' by Vitamin C just now and suddenly I thought about my high school,especially on my senior year,it was amazing,though I wish I would someday forget a few incident but most of it was awesome because I was like really had fun and enjoy myself.I even changed my hair style..LOL..You know what,when I look back all the thing that happened to me in high school,it's almost like a movie,well maybe not exactly the same but kinda because I have to best friends,I'm kinda happy-go-lucky guy and I suddenly been accused of trying to steal someone's girlfriend..see,kinda like a movie,right???..When I was 17,I always think that my life was pretty boring,but actually,now I realize that I had a normal childhood and I also have a movie-like teenage life..LOL..pretty awesome,right???